Reviews Roundup: Owlboy

Owlboy is a ‘high-bit’ adventure game, where you can fly and explore a brand new world in the clouds. Pick up your friends, and bring them with you as you explore the open skies. Overcome obstacles and greater enemies, in one of the most detailed adventures of this era. Being a mute, Otus struggles living up to the expectations of owl-hood.

Things spiral from bad to worse with the sudden appearance of sky pirates. What follows is a journey through monster infested ruins, with unexpected encounters, and burdens no one should have to bear.

Release Date: November 1, 2016
Platforms: Windows PC
Developer: D-Pad Studio

Reviews by women across the web:

AppTrigger - Rebekah Valentine, 10/10

There seem to be just the right amount of things to do in Owlboy–while I felt the story had reached its natural conclusion when the credits rolled, I couldn’t help but want an excuse to return to the skies with Otus and have another adventure.

YouTube — Azralynn, 98/100

I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a well-crafted 2D adventure with unique combat mechanics, charming characters, and an engrossing story.

GamingTrend — Rachel Berry, 90/100

Owlboy was an incredible experience in every sense. Visually and audibly, it was a masterpiece. The characters were lovable, especially the protagonist, Otus. The story was compelling, and each new chapter gave something new and challenging to the players. D-Pad Studio clearly put a lot of love into this game and it paid off immensely.

IGN — Chloi Rad, 9.3/10

Owlboy shines thanks to surprisingly varied, Metroidvania-style gameplay and a charming cast of unlikely heroes whose bittersweet journey is among the best I’ve experienced in recent years. Its remarkably detailed pixel art makes every scene more breathtaking than the last, but it’s the relationships between characters in both story and gameplay that makes Owlboy something truly special.

Polygon — Janine Hawkins, 8/10

I can lean back and pick out plenty of things about Owlboy that frustrated me, but its failings shrink in the face of its triumphs. I have no excess of affection for the 16-bit genre retreads but even as Owlboy lacks the tightness or consistency of many of the games it sits alongside, it’s far more approachable, far more endearing, and far more unique.

YouTube - PushingUpRoses, positive

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