Reviews Roundup: The Division

New York is in trouble. A devastating epidemic sweeps through the city and in the wake of the disease basic services fail one by one. Without food and water, the streets are in chaos and new factions rise to profit from the mayhem. Amid the chaos, a classified unit of self-supported sleeper agents known as The Division is activated and tasked with one mission: take back New York.

Publisher: Ubisoft
Platform: Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PC
Date: March 8, 2016

remeshed review - Sarah Warn, positive

The Division has its problems, especially when it comes to repetition-in both missions and enemy AI, who are literally identical most of the time-but the game’s inclusion of women and minorities is excellent, the matchmaking for missions works well, the story is interesting and the gameplay is fun.

VG247 - Brenna Hillier, positive

The Division is the most cohesive and consistently entertaining open world Ubisoft has ever produced, backed up by tactical gunplay and adaptable RPG mechanics. - Alice Bell, positive

The Division is a very interesting game. It’s a game caught between worlds, and could be described as a shooter, or an RPG, or an MMORPG, or a shoot–and–looter, and it’s sort of all of those things and yet none of them. It’s a mongrel, and being a mongrel is what gives it the soaring highs as well as the flaws. - Steph Pinksmurph, positive

This cover-based 3rd person shooter is addicting, immersive, and time consuming in all the best ways.

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