Oregon Trail Card Game Now Available - If You Can Find It

Pressman Toy Co.’s new tabletop version of the classic computer game officially begin selling exclusively in Target stores yesterday.

The Oregon Trail, created in 1971, was a popular home and classroom computer game despite (or perhaps because of) the many ways you can die in the game, including dysentery, typhoid or snakebite. It has been updated on the computer a few times since then.

The goal of the multi-player tabletop version of the computer game is to get all the way through the Oregon Trail to Williamette Valley. Using three different decks of cards, players work together to fight pending dangers like dead oxen, starvation, poisonous rattlesnakes, and other surprises.

Unfortunately, the game is already sold out online, and many players have not been able to find it in their local Target stores.

No word yet from Target about when the game will be more widely available on their shelves.

Written by staff
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Written by staff

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