New Arctic Survival Game Near Death Announced

Orthogonal Games, the independent studio that previously released The Novelist, is launching a new survival game on Steam later this year.

Near Death is a harsh survival game which starts off with a bang (the loud kind you hear when your plane hits the ground):

During an emergency winter flight your plane crashes near an abandoned Antarctic research facility in the midst of a deadly blizzard. Cut off from civilization and with no hope of rescue, you must explore Sutro Station and scavenge for the means of escape while enduring blinding whiteouts and temperatures 100 degrees below zero.

Never more than a few minutes from freezing to death in the darkness of polar night, you must reclaim the station from the elements and fight for your life in a terrifying environment that’s more like another planet than the world you know.

And you’ll discover why a research station in the coldest place on Earth stands empty, yet somehow alive.

Features include unique abilities suited to the environment, a dynamic weather system, a real-time temperature simulation, and a fully explorable Antarctic research station with open-world integration.

Near Death is the latest entry in the survival genre, which has become very popular in the last few years thanks to games like Rust, ARK: Survival Evolved, The Long Dark and The Solus Project, which was just released in Early Access this week.

No release date has been announced yet, but Orthogonal expects to release Near Death on Windows, PC and Linux sometime this year.

Written by staff
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Written by staff

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