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Diablo 4

How To Unlock Necromancer Book Of The Dead In Diablo 4

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The Necromancer, a fan favorite character from the Diablo series, makes a return in Diablo 4 with a unique enhancement system known as the Book of the Dead. This system significantly changes the way your undead minions operate and can be specialized to your individual playstyle. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the Book of the Dead, from how to unlock it to its key features.

Unlocking the Book of the Dead

In Diablo 4, every Necromancer player begins their journey with access to the Summon Skeleton Skill, which allows you to raise Skeleton Warriors from level 1. However, the Book of the Dead, a unique Necromancer class ability that enhances your summoned undead, is not available right off the bat.

To unlock the Book of the Dead, your Necromancer needs to reach level 5. Upon reaching this level, you will gain free access to the Book of the Dead interface without needing to complete any quests. This UI screen gives an overview of all the attack types and minions you can summon, offering you an additional layer of strategic gameplay.

Understanding the Book of the Dead

The Book of the Dead offers an upgrade and specialization system for your summoned minions. You can raise three types of horrors: Skeletal Warriors, Skeletal Mages, and Golem. Each of these minion types can be upgraded and sacrificed for passive stat bonuses based on the options you choose, providing a customization system to shape your undead horde according to your preferences.

Skeletal Warriors

Skeletal Warriors are your frontline troops, and they come in three variants:

  1. Skirmishers: Unlocks at level 5. These sword-wielding skeletal minions deal 30% increased damage but have 15% reduced life.
  2. Defenders: Unlocks at level 8. Their main effect is to increase max HP.
  3. Reapers: Unlocks at level 12. Reapers deal AoE damage every few seconds.

Skeletal Mages

Skeletal Mages are your long-range support, offering ranged damage. They come in three variants:

  1. Shadow: Unlocks at Level 15. They convert Skeletal Mage damage to Shadow.
  2. Cold: Unlocks at level 18.
  3. Bone: Unlocks at level 22.


The Golem is your heavy-hitter, tanking the frontline while dealing massive damage. The Golem comes in three variants:

  1. Bone: Unlocks at level 25.
  2. Blood: Unlocks at level 28.
  3. Iron: Unlocks at level 32.

Summoning and Sacrificing

Apart from upgrading your minions, the Book of the Dead offers an intriguing feature – the ability to sacrifice your summons. By doing so, you forgo the ability to summon them, but gain powerful passive bonuses. For example, sacrificing a Reaper grants you a permanent increase in shadow damage at the expense of not being able to summon Skeletal Warriors.

Wrapping Up

The Necromancer Book of the Dead system adds a fascinating new layer to Diablo 4, letting you customize your minions and create a personalized army of undead. By strategically using your minion types, upgrades, and sacrifices, you can adapt to any challenge Diablo 4 might throw your way. Happy summoning!

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