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How To Skip Campaign In Diablo 4 – [Explained]

Skip Diablo 4 Campaign

In the heart-pounding, action-filled world of Diablo 4, players are often eager to get their hands on the various endgame activities and features. With its captivating storyline, riveting combat, and diverse class system, the game offers immense replayability.

However, for those keen on experiencing new classes or playstyles, the idea of having to sit through the same campaign cutscenes and events may feel a bit redundant. Fret not, Diablo 4 presents a solution: the ability to skip the main campaign. In this article, we’ll walk you through this unique feature and how you can leverage it for an exciting gaming experience.

Requirements To Skip The Main Campaign

It is essential to note that the option to skip the main campaign is not available to all players immediately. The feature gets unlocked only after a player has completed the game once. This means you’ll have to finish every act in the story, defeat the final boss, and watch the credits roll.

Upon accomplishing these milestones, you’ll receive a notification the next time you return to your character selection screen, informing you that you can now opt to skip the campaign. This feature is designed to make your subsequent playthroughs with new characters much more seamless and straightforward.

How To Activate Campaign Skip

So how does one skip the campaign in Diablo 4? The process is quite simple. The option to skip the campaign appears when you’re creating a new character after your first playthrough. Once you’ve made your character and navigated to the last tab in the creation process, you’ll find the option to “Skip Campaign” just below the Hardcore Mode toggle.

Additionally, in a unique and flexible twist, Diablo 4 allows you to retroactively select “Skip Campaign” for any character you’ve created, regardless of their current story progress. This means if you’ve made several characters at the start of the game, you can instantly give them endgame status, making this feature quite a game-changer.

What Happens After Skipping The Main Campaign

Choosing to skip the campaign transports your character to the game’s hub, Kyovashad, right at the Waypoint. All story objectives will be marked as completed, giving you instant access to endgame features. This is where the adventure begins.

Despite skipping the main campaign, you still start as a level one character, but with several attractive perks. The game retains your currencies, stash, renown rewards like extra skill points and potion charges, and unlocked Legendary Aspects. Also, key fast travel points across various acts are already unlocked. However, you’ll have to rediscover the rest.

You get to partake in short open world challenges known as Whispers and access your mount right from the start. While side quests and world exploration begin afresh, all your account-wide perks carry over to the new character, offering a seamless gaming experience.


The Diablo 4 Campaign Skip feature is a fantastic innovation, allowing players to explore new characters and playstyles without the need to replay the main campaign. As we’ve outlined, the process to access this feature is straightforward, requiring you to complete the game once.

So, whether you’re keen on changing playstyles or want a fresh gaming experience with new characters, the Campaign Skip feature in Diablo 4 is your ticket to an exciting, unhindered gaming journey. Happy Gaming!

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