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How To Interrupt A Charging Mongrel In Hogwarts Legacy – [Easy Guide]

How To interupt A Charging Mongrel In Hogwarts Legacy

Living in the mystical yet threatening world of wizardry, Hogwarts Legacy presents many challenges to its players in the shape of tough enemies and tasks, like Duelling Feats. One such Duelling Feat you’ll encounter during your time in the game is about interrupting a charging Mongrel with the right spell.

If you’re wondering how to interrupt a charging Mongrel and take down this vicious beast in Hogwarts Legacy, this guide has got you covered.

How To Interrupt A Charging Mongrel In Hogwarts Legacy?

To interrupt the attack of a charging Mongrel, all you need to do is cast Depulso on the Mongrel as it’s sprinting towards you for a lunge attack. Doing so disables the Mongrel, knocking it back and making it an easy target for spell barrage. A green indicator on the Duelling Feat marker will indicate that you have successfully completed this optional combat task.

Although Mongrels are fearsome dog-type enemies, they don’t pose a significant threat, and their attacks are easy to deflect with Protego. However, they can be deadly when fought in a pack, and you’ll often find yourself faced against them in the magical realm of Hogwarts Legacy.

Where To Obtain Depulso Spell In Hogwarts Legacy?

While Depulso is a must-have spell to complete this Duelling Feat, it’s not a difficult spell to learn. You can unlock Depulso pretty early in the game after completing the side quest, Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1, assigned by your Potions teacher. Simply complete this quest and talk to Professor Sharp, who then will agree to teach you Depulso.

Is It Worth Fighting Mongrel In Hogwarts Legacy?

Exploring the Mongrel lairs and defeating them is totally worth your time and effort as they are a great source to farm Mongrel Fur, which is otherwise expensive to purchase. Mongrel Fur is an impact material to grind and collect, as it is used to craft the Edurus Potion, one of the best Potions in the game that raises your defensive stats against enemies.

So, next time you’re fighting hard-hitting enemies and feel like your HP gets drained pretty quickly, be sure to farm up some Mongrel Fur and add the Edurus Potion to your inventory.

Wrapping Up

With this, we wrap up our guide on how to interrupt a charging Mongrel with Depulso in Hogwarts Legacy. As you’ll often be fighting these dogs to farm the Mongrel Fur, it is recommended to have Depulso in your spell slot while taking on an entire Mongrel Lair. Check out more Hogwarts Legacy guides on our page for additional tips and hints for the game!

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