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Diablo 4

How To Get & Upgrade Glyphs In Diablo 4 – [Easy Guide]

The world of Diablo 4 has evolved significantly from its predecessors, bringing numerous gameplay mechanics into play. Among these, the introduction of Glyphs adds a new dynamic to character build diversity, making endgame content more interesting and challenging. In this article, we’ll delve deep into how to get and upgrade these crucial Glyphs in Diablo 4.

What Are Glyphs in Diablo 4?

Before diving into the how-to, let’s establish what Glyphs are. In Diablo 4, once you reach Level 50, Glyphs become some of the most important pieces of loot you can acquire.

They significantly improve your character’s abilities, allowing for more build variety and stronger performance in endgame challenges. They are primarily used on the Paragon Board, which is also unlocked at Level 50, to gain various bonuses. The diverse effects of Glyphs enhance the depth of character customization, making it essential for you to understand how to obtain and optimize these items.

Full Video Guide To Paragons & Glyphs

Video by DryBearGamers

Getting Your Hands on Glyphs

Step 1: Reach Level 50

The first step in your quest for Glyphs is reaching Level 50. This milestone unlocks the Paragon Board, where Glyphs can be socketed to enhance your character’s abilities.

Step 2: Unlock The Paragon Board

The Paragon Board, a pivotal feature in Diablo 4, opens up a range of possibilities for character development. Glyphs can be socketed into the board, where they interact with the Paragon nodes to create unique effects and bonuses.

Step 3: Find Glyphs

The best method to acquire Glyphs is by opening the Tree of Whispers reward caches. You need to complete various tasks for the Tree until you collect 10 Grim Favors. Glyphs also drop randomly in dungeons. The higher the World Tier you’re playing on, the better your chances of obtaining more Glyphs. Specifically, World Tier 3: Nightmare has the best odds, which is unlocked after completing the main game and the Capstone Dungeon.

Types of Glyphs

Diablo 4 features two types of Glyphs: Magic and Rare. Each Glyph brings a powerful, game-changing mechanic into play. When socketed into the Paragon Board, they provide bonus effects if specific requirements are met. Each Glyph type has its own unique effect, and they can be placed strategically to maximize the synergy with your chosen Paragon nodes.

How to Upgrade Glyphs in Diablo 4

Step 1: Gather Nightmare Sigils

Nightmare Sigils are the key to accessing Nightmare Dungeons. These can be obtained by completing Grim Favors for the Tree of Whispers, and through other gameplay actions like Helltides.

Step 2: Enter Nightmare Dungeons

To upgrade Glyphs, you need to delve into Nightmare Dungeons. These daunting challenges provide a chance to obtain an Awakened Glyphstone at the completion of the dungeon.

Step 3: Use the Awakened Glyphstone

Upon successfully completing a Nightmare Dungeon, an Awakened Glyphstone will appear. Interact with it, and you can upgrade any Glyph on your Paragon Board. Moreover, these dungeons are excellent places to farm rare Glyphs.

Step 4: Gain Glyph Experience

The more Nightmare Dungeons you complete, the more experience your Glyphs will accumulate. Each Glyph has 21 levels, providing ample opportunity for upgrades.


The addition of Glyphs in Diablo 4 adds another layer of complexity and richness to the game, allowing players to tailor their characters more accurately to their playstyle. With their powerful abilities and bonuses, Glyphs serve as critical elements in endgame content. With this guide, you are now fully prepared to venture into the Nightmare dungeons.

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