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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Get To Lake Saria & Unlock Forest Dwellers Bow Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Forest Dwellers Bow

In the grand adventure that is “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom”, the awe-inspiring open-world game released by Nintendo, players are invited to explore a multitude of environments, complete epic quests, and solve intriguing puzzles.

One particular location that has puzzled many is the elusive Lake Saria. Hidden away in a picturesque corner of Hyrule, reaching this serene spot is a journey filled with discovery and adventure. This guide will help you uncover the path to Lake Saria and unveil the legendary Forest Dweller’s Bow.

How To Get To Lake Saria Video Guide

How To Get To Lake Saria

Setting Sail from Bravery Island

Before we embark on our journey, it is crucial to establish your starting point. The key to finding Lake Saria begins at Simosiwak Shrine, nestled on the adventurous shores of Bravery Island. The exact co-ordinates of the Shrine are 0166, 1978, 0758.

Simosiwak Shrine Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom
Simosiwak Shrine

Bravery Island is a part of the stunning North Hyrule Sky Archipelago region, characterized by its towering peaks and floating islands.

To get to the Simosiawak shrine navigate to the Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower. Launch yourself into the air and go south until you reach Simonsiwak Shrine.

Skyward Journey to Lake Saria

With the Simosiwak Shrine as your starting point, it’s time to set forth on your journey to Lake Saria. At the shrine, drop from the platform towards the east and down towards Ninjis Shrine. The exact co-ordinates are 0335, 1884, 0177.

You will need plenty of stamina and may need to use gust to make it.

Ninjis Shrine Zelda TOTK

Once at Ninjis shrine you will want to look towards the south/southwest side of the map. Here you will see a large tree with glowing mushrooms. Following these will lead you to Lake Saria.

Follow the trail of silent shrooms until you reach the edge of the lake. You can then swim out to the island in the middle (co-ordinates 0067, 1898, 0173).

On the island there is a gnarled tree. Look inside it to find a chest which contains the legendary Forest Dwellers bow.

Uncovering the Legendary Forest Dweller’s Bow

Forest Dwellers Bow Tears Of The Kingdom

One of the primary reasons you’ll want to venture to Lake Saria is the chance to procure the mythical Forest Dweller’s Bow. Legend says that this weapon holds unparalleled power, making it a worthy addition to your arsenal.

While we won’t reveal the exact location of the Forest Dweller’s Bow to maintain the thrill of discovery, be sure to explore every corner of Lake Saria thoroughly. You never know where the bow could be hidden!


Reaching Lake Saria in “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” is an epic journey filled with intrigue and discovery. It offers an enriching gameplay experience, leading you to the legendary Forest Dweller’s Bow and providing an exhilarating exploration of the North Hyrule Sky Archipelago region.

Remember, each player’s journey is unique, and part of the joy of playing a game like Zelda is the excitement of uncovering secrets on your own. So, while this guide provides the path, the real adventure is up to you.

Now that you know how to get to Lake Saria, the world of Hyrule awaits you. Brace yourself for the journey, arm yourself for the battles ahead, and set forth to claim the power of the Forest Dweller’s Bow! Good luck, hero!

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