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How To Get The Academy Scroll In Elden Ring – Easy Guide

Academy Scroll Location Elden Ring

Elden Ring has a plethora of Key Items which players can find in the Lands Between to amp up their character’s damage. One such Key Item is the Academy Scroll, which unlocks powerful Sorceries. These Sorceries prove especially helpful if you want to tackle the early to mid-game content of Elden Ring with a caster build.

Academy Scroll In Elden Ring

So, if you are having trouble getting your hands on the Academy Scroll in the vastness of Elden Ring, look no further, as we’ve got you covered!

Where To Find The Academy Scroll In Elden Ring?

The Academy Scroll lies on a corpse next to a large grave in the graveyard west of the Lake-Facing Cliff Site Of Grace. Another landmark nearby the graveyard is the Church of Irith, where players first encounter NPC Tops. In other words, the Academy Scroll’s not that hard to miss.

You can naturally reach the graveyard after beating the Shardbearer, Godrick the Grafted, in Stormveil Castle. Just take the ladder down inside the throne room near the boss arena, and you’ll be out of the Legacy Dungeon in no time. After that, the path to the graveyard is simple, and you’ll also meet Hyetta along the way.

Alternatively, there’s a shortcut you can take if you cross the giant Archway north of Stormhill Shack. You’ll come across a collapsed bridge with a Finger Reader Crone, which you’ll have to jump across. After that, the path ahead is simple, with a couple of wolves blocking your way, and it will lead you to the graveyard with the Academy Scroll early — skipping Stormveil Castle.

If you have a rough time clearing Stormveil Castle, bagging the Academy Scroll early in the game is a good opportunity to power up. After all, as a puny mage, you’ll have to go all out with your spell arsenal against Margit and Godrick in the Legacy Dungeon.

How To Use The Academy Scroll In Elden Ring?

Once you get your hands on the Academy Scroll, it will lie useless in your inventory unless you show it to an NPC adept at Glintstone Sorcery. That said, three specific NPCs can teach you the scroll’s content for some Runes: Miriel, Pastor of Vows in the Church of Vows, Sorceress Sellen in the Waypoint Runes, and Seluvis in his Rise.

Of the three, Miriel is the better option as the turtle NPC never relocates and remains at the same spot where you find him in the Church of Vows. You can also keep track of every scroll and prayerbook if you hand them to a single NPC, and Miriel generously takes both from you.

Regardless of who you give it to, you’ll get access to two new Glintstone spells: Great Glintstone Shard for 2,000 Runes and Swift Glintstone Shard for 600 Runes. These are just buffed-up versions of the Glintstone Pebble, where the former deals more damage while the latter has a faster cast speed.

Final Thoughts

Unlike melee players, sorcerers and casters tend to be overly weak in Elden Ring’s early game. However, they can amplify their magic damage if they bag powerful Staffs and Scrolls, like the Academy Scroll, scattered in Elden Ring’s overworld.

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