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Diablo 4

How To Get Skeletal Priests In Diablo 4 – Easy Guide

Skeletal Priests In Diablo 4

If you’re a Necromancer in Diablo 4, mastering the mechanic of summoning a Skeletal Priest can significantly boost your performance on the battlefield. With healing capabilities and an enhancement of your minions’ damage, the Skeletal Priest is an essential tool in the Necromancer’s repertoire. Let’s dive in and explore how to unlock, summon, and maximize the potential of Skeletal Priests in Diablo 4.

Unlocking the Skeletal Priest

Skeletal Priests
Skeletal Mages Diablo 4

First things first, to gain access to the Skeletal Priest, you need to reach level 15 and unlock the Skeletal Mage. Unlocking the Skeletal Mage is the primary requirement to access the Skeletal Priest and its supportive mechanics.

Despite its pivotal role, there isn’t a dedicated button for summoning the Skeletal Priest. Instead, it will appear once you try to raise another skeleton, even after your army has reached its full capacity.

Summoning a Skeletal Priest

Once the Skeletal Priest arrives on the battlefield, it promptly heals your combat troops. However, remember that this powerful ally only stays on the field for a brief span of 5 seconds. In this short time, it manages to heal your minions for 10% of their maximum health while also increasing their damage by 20%.

To summon a Skeletal Priest, raise a skeleton even when your army is already at full strength. This action will call forth your Skeletal Priest who, albeit short-lived, can make a significant impact on the tide of battle.

Enhancing the Power of Skeletal Priests

To get the most out of your Skeletal Priest, you can invest in a few key talents, including:

Bonded in Essence

Bonded In Essence

This passive boosts your Skeletal Priest’s healing capabilities, enabling them to heal your Skeletons for an additional 20% of their maximum life every 5 seconds. Each point you invest in this skill increases the maximum health heal by 20%, capping at a significant 60%.

Death’s Defense

The Death’s Defense passive node decreases the amount of maximum damage a minion can receive in a single hit. This is essential for protecting your minions, particularly in instances of heavy mobbing or against hard-hitting bosses.

The Strategic Advantage of Skeletal Priests

Besides healing, the Skeletal Priest offers tactical advantages. When combined with the Death’s Defense and Bonded in Essence talents, you protect your minions from massive damage while keeping them close to full HP, essentially ensuring your Necromancer’s build functions optimally.

Additionally, the Skeletal Priest’s healing abilities and damage buffs are vital during boss fights or intense combat situations. These supportive minions significantly increase your chances of survival by ensuring your minions stay fighting fit for longer.


To conclude, Diablo 4’s Skeletal Priest is an invaluable asset for Necromancers, offering both healing and damage-enhancing capabilities. By understanding how to unlock and summon a Skeletal Priest, and knowing the key talents to invest in, you can strengthen your Necromancer’s capabilities and increase your success in battles. Equip yourself with these strategies to dominate the battlefield in Diablo 4.

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