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How To Get Shrivelfig Fruits In Hogwarts Legacy – [Easy Guide]

ShrivelFrig Fruit

Unless you’re trying your luck at Hopping Pots or content buying it for 1,200 a piece in Hogwarts Legacy, you should set out to purchase the recipe for the most potent Potion: the Thunderbrew Potion. However, the Thunderbrew Potion can only be brewed when players throw a Shrivelfig fruit and its other core ingredients into the cauldron.

Easier said than done; as powerful as the Potion is, collecting the essential Shrivelfig fruits to craft it is equally challenging. To help you bank up on the Thunderbrew Potion, here’s a guide that explains some easy ways of getting Shrivelfig Fruits in Hogwarts Legacy.

What Are Shrivelfig Fruits Used For In Hogwarts Legacy

Alongside the Leech Juice and Stench of the Dead, the Shrivelfig Fruit is used in crafting the potent Thunderbrew Potion. The Potion proves especially helpful where there are hordes of enemies. Once gulped, the Potion brings forth a thunderstorm that stuns and damages the surrounding enemies, thus playing a decisive role in battle. 

Some would say that an upgraded Thunderbrew potion and a couple of basic attacks is all you need while battling it out in Hogwarts Legacy! 

Where To Get The Shrivelfig Fruit In Hogwarts Legacy?

To get your hands on the Shrivelfig Fruit, you can either buy it from the Magic Neep, grow the fruit yourself, or collect it from the overworld. Let’s delve into all these ways so you can acquire the fruit as soon as possible:

Buying Shrivelfig Fruit

An easy way of obtaining Shrivelfig Fruits is to simply buy the ingredient from The Magic Neep, which sells the fruit for 150 Galleons in western Hogsmeade beyond the river. To be frank, buying the ingredients for brewing the Thunderbrew Potion is more economical than directly purchasing the potion for a hefty 1,200 Galleons.

In addition, the other items needed for the Thunderbrew are just in the neighborhood with J. Pippin’s Potions. So, it’s time-saving as well!

Growing Shrivelfig Fruits

If you’re in for the long run, it might actually be beneficial to grow the Shrivelfig Fruit yourself. To start off, you’ll need 450 Galleons for the Shrivelfig seeds from The Magic Neep and a considerable sum of 750 Galleons for a generic medium pot from Scrolls and Tomes. 

Once you’ve got the necessary items, head to the Room Of Requirement and conjure the medium pot to grow Shrivelfig Fruits.

While the upfront is heavy on the wallet, it’s a fantastic investment that yields a constant supply of Shrivelfig Fruit whenever needed, and that too, completely free. All you have to do is sustain the seeds for 12 minutes until they bear 5 bulbs ready for plucking. Meanwhile, you can also add Fertilizer (from The Magic Neep) to your pot, producing an even greater yield of fruits.

Collecting Shrivelfig Fruits From Overworld

Since Hogwarts Legacy features a massive open-world area, plenty of chests and loot boxes are scattered in its overworld. And if you weren’t aware of it before, these chests and loot boxes hide random loot. As such, there’s no saying what might be inside those chests, and if you’re fortunate enough, you might even land some Shrivelfig Fruits.

While this method is free, it’s pretty time-consuming, and the probability that you’ll have a bag full of Shrivelfig Fruits at the end of the day is purely based on your luck. Fortunately, you’ll be clearing tons of Bandit Camps that house these chests, and even if there are no Shrivelfig Fruits in it, you’ll still get some other worthwhile loot.

Wrapping Up

This guide speaks of the Shrivelfig Fruit’s rarity in Hogwarts Legacy. After all, casually brewing Thunderbrews would’ve made the game easier and less enjoyable. Still, if you’re wondering what’s the best of the three, it’s growing the seeds. And while the process is initially expensive, the amount of fruits you can farm from totally makes up for it. 

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