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How To Get More Mallowsweet In Hogwarts Legacy – [Easy Guide]

How To Get More Mallowsweet In Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, Mallowsweet is essential as it is required to activate the Merlin Trials. If you are early in the game you can complete the first few Merlin trials with the Mallowsweet in your inventory. You start with around 5 but these will quickly run out. The game doesn’t really make it obvious how you can get more.

In this guide, we will show you how to get more Mallowsweet in Hogwarts Legacy so you can take on the Merlin Trials when you want. Let’s jump in.

How To Get More Mallowsweet In Hogwarts Legacy

There are a few different ways to acquire Mallowseet in the game. You can either buy Mallowsweet seeds directly from a shop or you can purchase Mallowsweet seeds and grow your own leaves.

You will need these Mallowsweet leaves to unlock the Merlin trials which can be found throughout the open world. You can complete these trials to earn rewards allowing you to upgrade your character. To ensure you can complete these trials when you want it is important to have Mallowsweet on hand when you need it.

Here is how you can get it.

Buy Mallowsweet From The Magic Neep

Buy Mallowsweet At The Magic neep

One of the easiest ways to get Mallowsweet is to purchase it from the Magic Neep shop. The shop is located in Hogsmead in the top left corner.

You can purchase Mallowsweet directly from the shop for 100 galleons each. Eventually, he will run out of inventory but this is a great way to get Mallowsweet when your initial inventory runs out. Once you have run the inventory down we recommend purchasing seeds and growing your own Mallowsweet leaves.

Get Mallowsweet Seeds From The Shop

Once you have completed some of the main story quests and unlocked the Room of Requirement you should be able to purchase Mallowsweet seeds directly from the same shop.

These seeds will cost 200 Galleons which is double the price of the leaves themselves however this will allow you to set up your own growing station to have a steady supply of leaves.

How To Grow Mallowsweet Leaves In Hogwarts Legacy

To plant Mallowsweet seeds you will need to have unlocked the room of requirement through the main story quest line. Here you can use spellcraft schematics to set up potting tables. In this room, you can plant your Mallowsweet seeds.

To grow Mallowsweet you are only required to have a small-sized pot however they can also be grown in medium or large-sized pots as well. However, we would recommend grabbing a large-sized potting table in Hogsmead so you can grow more Mallowsweet leaves. You do need quite a lot for the Merlin Trials.

Once you have your potting table ready you can plant your seeds by interacting with the pots. Each pot will take 10 minutes to grow and yields 5 Mallowsweet leaves per harvest. As you can see this is much more efficient than purchasing Mallowsweet leaves for 100 a pop.

When you get multiple Mallowsweet pots set up and growing you shouldn’t have a problem getting enough leaves to complete all of the Merlin trials you want.

You are only required to purchase 1 pack of seeds to grow multiple pots of Mallowsweet.

If you fertilize the Mallowsweet while it’s growing you will get a higher yield of Mallowsweet leaves.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to purchase and grow Mallowsweet leaves you should have no problem running out of leaves. You can now complete the Merlin trials as you wish.

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