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How To Get A Kneazle Cat In Hogwarts Legacy – [Easy Guide]

How To get A Kneazle Cat In Hogwarts Legacy

If you’re a cat lover you will probably want to catch and tame one of these furry little friends in Hogwarts Legacy. The Kneazle cat is a magical cat with a large fluffy tail. The game describes them as cat-like beasts that possess giant ears and plumed tails.

Kneazles are found in areas of the map which are unlocked in later parts of the game.

When Is The Kneazle Cat Unlocked?

To get access to the Kneazle Cat you will have to complete the Quest Line “The Elf. The Nab-Sack. And The Loom”. This quest is fairly deep into the story. You will likely complete it when you reach levels 15-20.

Once you have completed the quest you will have access to the room of requirement and vivarium which are both needed to catch and tame the Kneazle cat.

Where To Find The Kneazle Cat

There are 5 main places a Kneazle cat can be spotted in the massive world of Hogwarts Legacy. You will find beast dens marked with a paw mark on the map.

Northern Sea Bog

Go to the Northern Sea bog Floo Flame and travel directly south past some enemies. You will find the Kneazles up a slope on a wooden platform.

Clagmar Coast

Travel to the Clagmar Coast Foo Flame within the western side of Clagmar Coast Region, summon a Broom or use your mount to fly southwest. Descend the mountain to find the kneazle den beside one of Imeldas flying challenges.


Travel to the Crageroftshire regionm and teleport to the Cragcroft Foo Flame. Once here use your broom or mount to fly north-west until players are outside the village. Then turn north to the valley between two mountains to find a Kneazle den.

The Brocburrow

The first Kneazle Den is located at the Broeburrow Floo Flame northeast of Hogwarts Valley. If you walk south of the foo flame you will find a paw on the map locating the Kneazle Den.

The Marunweem

If you go to the Marunween Floo Flame and travel southwest until you reach a beach you will find another Kneazle Den marked by a paw print on the map. The Kneazles will be on the beach.

What Spells To Use To Capture Kneazle Cats

When trying to capture a Kneazle Cat you will want to make sure you are using the Levioso spell allowing you to lift the beast up into the air and the disillusionment spell so you can sneak up on the beast without it seeing you.

You can also use the Glacius or Arresto Momentum spell to freeze and capture the Kneazle.

How To Capture A Kneazle

Don’t go right up to the Kneazles or they will run away. When you spot them use your disillusionment spell to go invisible and then approach them. Next use your levioso spell to lift the cat in the air and capture it using your nab sack before it falls and runs away.

You have now successfully captured a Kneazle.

What Can You Do With A Kneazle Cat In Hogwarts Legacy

When you keep your Kneazle well feed and brushed you have the ability to obtain Kneazle Fur from it. You can use this to equip a Trait III on Legendary Gear in the game using the Enchanted Loom.

Wrapping Up

You should now have captured a Kneazle Cat and can use it to farm Kneazle fur.

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