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How To Fix Schlage Connect Not Working [5 Min Fix]

The Schlage Connect is a smart deadbolt that connects to your home automation system. It allows you to have keyless entry to your home through security codes, your voice or even lock your door with Alexa.

While all of this is extremely convenient, it’s not very fun when it doesn’t work. If your Schlage connect keypad isn’t working, check out the Fixes below to get it up and running again. Let’s Jump in.

How To Fix Schlage Connect Keypad Not Working

One of the most common problems with the Schlage connect is the keypad not working. We have outlined some fixes you should be able to go through to fix the keypad.

Fix 1 – Reset Schlage Connect To Factory Settings

The first fix you should try is resetting your Schlage Connect to factory settings. This will default the device to the original state it had when purchased.

To reset the lock to factory settings you will need your 6-digit programming code that came with the device or you will have to take the lock off the door and get the code on the back of the lock. We recommend changing the default code to keep your lock secure after installation.

Schlage Connect Programming code

How To Reset Schlage Lock Without Programming Code

You can reset your Schlage lock to factory settings without the programming code by following the steps below:

  1. Disconnect the batteries from the lock
  2. Press and Release the Schlage button on the outside of the keypad
  3. Reconnect the batteries to the device
  4. Press and hold the Schlage button until the light on the device turns green and the device beeps
  5. Your device will now go through a set-up routine. Once the bolt stops moving the reset is complete and you can use your lock again.

Once you have completed the reset you can test one of the default user codes provided on the sticker in your lock housing. If one of these codes is successful then your lock has been reset.

Fix 2 – Re-install the Keypad

If you are using a smart hub to connect to your keypad you may find that it causes the keypad to bug out occasionally. Sometimes removing and re-installing the keypad will fix the issue.

  1. Manually remove the keypad from your device
  2. Remove the batteries from your keypad
  3. Let the keypad reset for 10 seconds
  4. Insert the batteries again
  5. Now navigate to your smart hub settings and reconnect to the lock.

Your keypad should now be up and running again with your smart home device.

Fix 3 – Disable Vacation Mode

If your device is not recognizing your key code you may have put the lock into vacation mode. Vacation mode essentially renders the lock unusable until it is disabled. You will not be able to unlock the lock or use any of its other features until it is unlocked.

Follow the steps below to disable vacation mode on the lock:

  1. Enter your current programming code on the keypad
  2. The lock should blink green twice and then beep twice
  3. Enter one of your user codes to successfully unlock the lock

You should now be able to use the lock as normal again.

Fix 4 – Dead Batteries

If your device has dead batteries it could cause the device to stop working correctly. Of course, there is a simple solution to this. Simply get new batteries for your device and replace the old ones.

We recommend using high-quality, long-lasting batteries to keep your lock running smoothly for as long as possible. Once you replace the batteries your device should be up and running as normal.

Fix 5 – Contact Support

If none of the solutions above has worked for fixing your Chlage lock then the next step is to reach out to the support team at Schlage directly. They should be able to help you or give you a replacement for any more complex problems with the device.

How To Change The Default Programming Code On A Schlage Lock

We recommend changing your default programming code when you receive your device to only a code that you can remember. This means that only you will be able to reset the lock, keeping your property safe.

Follow the steps below to reset the programming code on a Schlage lock:

  1. Press the Schlage button on the outside of your lock
  2. Enter the default 6-digit programming code
  3. Press 3 and enter a new 6-digit programming code
  4. The lock will then blink green twice and beep twice
  5. This means the operation has been successful and your programming code has been changed.

Now when you want to reset the lock or change user codes you can use the new 6-digit programming code that you created.

Wrapping Up

You should now have successfully fixed your Schlage lock using one of the fixes above. If you were still unable to fix the lock, it’s maybe time to purchase a new upgraded version of the lock.

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