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How To Fix Coil Whine On PS5 – [Easy Fix]

Learn how to fix the coil whine on PS5 with these tips and tricks.

How To Fix Coil Whine On Ps5

Have you turned your PS5 on, started playing your favorite game and then started to hear a weird noise from your console? This is likely something known as coil whine. It can be a little alarming that you have spent so much on a brand new console and it’s making a weird noise.

In this article we are going to cover what coil whine is and how you can minimize it on your PS5. Let’s jump in.

What Is Coil Whine?

Coil whine is a whine like noise which comes from your PS5 console. It is actually coming from a component in the power supply of the console and is likely due to the quality of component being used. A certain amount of coil whine noise is inevitable in most electronic systems and is nothing to worry about on your Playstation 5.

The noise will generally get louder as your console is under load. When you are playing power intensive games you will likely hear the coil whine noise become louder. This is due to the current passing through the components causing them to vibrate.

What Does Coil Whine Sound Like?

When your console is under load you may hear Coil whine in the form of humming, buzzing or as the name suggests a “whining noise”.

Depending on how bad the coil whine on your particular console is you may hear it as a loud high pitched noise.

Some users mistake coil whine for fan noise. These are two separate noises. When the fans are disconnected from a Playstation 5 console the coil whine noise can still be heard. If your console is under heavy load the fans will speed up causing more fan noise as well as it tries to cool the components in the console.

Again there is not much that can be done about the fan noise as it is necessary to keep your console at a playable temperature.

Will Coil Whine Damage My Console?

No, Coil whine will not damage your console and is generally nothing to worry about. many users report that their console is making a whining noise while under load. While this can be a little annoying it won’t damage your console.

Is Coil Whine Normal On PS5?

Yes, coil whine is normal on a Playstation 5 and many users report hearing it from their consoles. While it is annoying to listen to if you sit close to your console it isn’t anything to worry about.

How To Fix Coil Whine On PS5?

  1. Change the position of your console – As the coil whine is usually generated by vibrations, setting your console in a different position may help to stop the coil whine noise or at least minimize it.
  2. Change The Location Of Your Console – If you are unable to stop the coil whine noise you can at least make it unnoticeable by placing your console further away from where you sit while playing. The further away the console is, the harder it will be to hear the noise
  3. Keep You Console Well Ventilated – Keeping your console cool will not only reduce coil whine noise but it will reduce fan noise under load. You may be mistaking fan noise for coil whine as many users do. Keep your console off carpets and out of cabinets. If there is good air flow your console has a much easier time keeping itself cool.
  4. Disable 120hz – If you are running all your games at 120hz this can take up more resources on your console causing coil whine to be louder. You can turn it off in settings –> Screen and Video –> Video Output. Turn off 120hz Output.

Is Coil Whine Covered Under PS5 Warranty?

Playstation have not came out and said anything officially about Coil whine however some users have said that they sent their consoles back to Sony under the 1 Year warranty. Some of these users also reported that the coil whine noise was still there when they got the console back.

It is likely not worth sending your console back under warranty as all consoles have this same problem. You will be without your playstation for 2-4 weeks and will likely get a console back with the same problem. You are better just using the tips above to minimize coil whine on your console.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it. Coil whine is an annoying problem on the PS5 but you can rest easy knowing that it is not just your console. It is a common problem and ultimately isn’t causing any damage to your Playstation. Hopefully some of our tips and tricks can help you minimize the noise or at least put your console somewhere, where the noise is less noticeable.

Let us know in the comments if you have any other tips and tricks to minimize the coil whine noise on a PS5.

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