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How To Complete Sons Of The Forest – [Full Guide]

How To complete Sons Of The Forest

Sons of the Forest plummets you (literally) into a deserted island where you, being the sole survivor of a squad of mercenaries, are tasked with finding a missing billionaire and his family. As such, beating the game translates into getting to the bottom of this, consequently experiencing one of the two endings of the game.

How To Finish Sons Of The Forest

After playing the entire game, the main storyline can be broken down into three major missions. The first mission entails getting a shovel that allows you to explore the underground sections of the island. In the deep underground, you’ll find a secret mysterious door – the second mission is all about bypassing this door by obtaining two Keycards. Once through, the final mission will be to confront what’s inside and make the ultimate choice.

Although you are free to explore the island otherwise and scavenge for good weapons and equipment, this guide is for those who wish to beat the main story of the game purely. Keep reading if you are also interested in beating Sons of the Forest without having to do the tedious task of exploring and figuring out what to do next.

Getting A Shovel

The first step towards beating Sons of the Forest is getting a shovel, which is not as straightforward as you may think. In reality, getting a shovel involves first obtaining two pre-requisite items: the Rebreather and the Rope Gun. You also find a Cross inside the cave harboring the Rope Gun, so make sure to grab that for later.

Getting The Rebreather

Rebreather Sons Of The Forest

The Rebreather can be found in a cave on the island’s shore – it is clearly distinguished by a cave icon on the GPS. Given that this is a story point in the game, proceed with caution, as this cave houses dangerous enemies that can rip you apart if you come unprepared. Regardless, you’ll find the Rebreather in a pool with a spare air tank.

Getting The Rope Gun

Rope Gun Sons Of The Forest

Do note that you need the Rebreather to get the Rope Gun. Once you have the Rebreather, you’ll find the Rope Gun in the cave closest to the bunker, marked by a green icon in the center of the Island. Once you have the two items, make your way to the base of the mountain in the island’s center, where you’ll see a cave with three staked corpses in front of it.

Bear in mind that this cave is very dangerous to traverse, and it is often recommended to traverse with better gear. However, if you want to beat Sons of the Forest with little sidetracking, only stock up on grenades and molotovs. 

Getting The Two Keycards

Now that you have a shovel, you can move on to the second major mission of the game and secure the Maintenance Keycard and VIP Keycard. These are necessary for making your way deep underground to the hidden door behind which lie the secrets of the island and the mission billionaire family.

Getting The Maintenance Keycard

Maintenance Keycard Sons Of The Forest

The Maintenance Keycard is located in a bunker known as Maintenance Hatch A, which is marked by a golf cart icon on the map. Of course, this hatch is not visible on the ground and needs to be dug up, which is where your trusty shovel plays its part. 

Getting The VIP Keycard

VIP keycard sons of the forest

Unile the Maintenance Keycard; the VIP Keycard can be obtained without the need of a shovel, so you could technically go get it at the start of the game. Regardless, this keycard is located inside a bunker known as the Food Storage Bunker, marked by a cave icon on the map. While you will find lots of food to stock up here, don’t get lost in the moment and forget the VIP Keycard in the security room.

Uncovering The Artifact

After getting both keycards, the final objective of Sons of the Forest draws near. First, you need to reach the secret mysterious door that is hidden away deep underground. There are two locations to note for this sequence: the Exterior Bunker Entrance and the closest cave, which are supposed to traverse first in order to get the Gold Armor.

Getting The Gold Armor

Gold Armor Sons Of The Forest

Once inside the cave, swipe your VIP Keycard to proceed and keep heading down. You’ll eventually enter a room where a cutscene will play out, with some people having a shootout in the presence of a Sluggy. The Sluggy will knock you unconscious; fortunately, you’ll wake to everything dead. 

Regardless, keep moving forward until you enter a room with the Gold Armor inside. There’s also a Katana stationed on the center table, so make sure you don’t miss that.

Entering The Gold Cube

Gold Cube Sons of The Forest

Now that you have the Gold Armor, make your way to the Exterior Entrance Bunker and tread deep into the underground, where you’ll encounter an underground mansion. Make your way to the back of the mansion to a wrecked bathroom and traverse the giant hole in its wall. Here, oddly enough, you’ll encounter an ancient doorway that will be opened with the Gold Armor.

As you approach the end of the cave beyond, you’ll encounter demonic monsters that you can either evade, fight or scare off with the Cross you found earlier. Either way, you’ll find an ancient artifact in the shape of a Gold Cube at the end, where the final cutscene will play out, manifesting itself in a very supernatural phenomenon.  

One Of Two Endings

Endings Sons of the Forest

Once the final cutscene plays, you’ll find yourself on the ground standing in front of a helicopter that is waiting to take off. Here, you’ll have the choice to escape the island along with the mission billionaire or stay behind and uncover more of the dark mysteries of the island. Regardless of what you choose, you will have officially beaten Sons of the Forest at this point.

Wrapping Up

Sons of the Forest is an immersive survival game that throws you inside its world without telling you what to do, compelling you to venture out to figure out what’s going on bravely. Although the island has more than meets the eye, completing the three main missions discussed in this guide will enable you to beat the game without breaking a sweat!

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