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9 Games To Check Out if You Love Character Creation

Character creation, at its best, is the ability to create a unique new person. There’s a lot you can…

Guild Wars 2 Launches Expansion + Subscriber Numbers

ArenaNet just released this infographic with a bunch of Guild Wars 2 stats, in celebration of releasing its first expansion, Heart…
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Guild Wars 2 Launches ESL Pro League

ArenaNet and ESL have announced the launch of an ESL Guild Wars 2 Pro League. The tournament series is…

icon[Trailer] Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thrones Launch

The first expansion of Guild Wars 2, Heart of Thrones, is coming on October 23.

[News] You Can Play Guild Wars 2 for Free Now

Guild Wars 2 just announced that the release date for its expansion, Heart of Thorns, will be October 23 of…

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