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Genshin Impact 3.5 Tier List – Best Characters To Use April 2023

Genshin Impact Character Tier List

Genshin Impact, the popular free-to-play action role-playing game, has attracted millions of players worldwide with its expansive open-world, stunning visuals, and engaging combat system. With a plethora of characters to choose from, it can be challenging to determine which heroes deserve a spot on your team.

That’s where our Genshin Impact Character Tier List comes in! We’ve ranked the characters based on their strengths, abilities, and overall usefulness to help you build the ultimate team.

S-Tier: The Game Changers

S-Tier characters are the cream of the crop, possessing unparalleled power, utility, and synergy. These heroes are the backbone of any formidable team, offering a significant advantage in both PvE and PvP content. Their unique abilities and elemental reactions often dictate the flow of battle, making them essential for any team composition.

Ganyu (Cryo)

Ganyu Genshin Impact

Ganyu is an exceptional ranged Cryo DPS character with incredible AoE damage capabilities. Her elemental skill, “Trail of the Qilin,” allows her to evade attacks while leaving an ice decoy that taunts enemies. Her elemental burst, “Celestial Shower,” rains down Cryo damage over a wide area, making her a top-tier damage dealer.

Venti (Anemo)

Venti Full Wish

Venti is the ultimate crowd-control character, using his Anemo abilities to gather enemies in one spot, making it easy for your team to dish out massive damage. His elemental skill, “Skyward Sonnet,” lifts enemies into the air, while his elemental burst, “Wind’s Grand Ode,” creates a massive vortex that pulls and traps enemies for a significant amount of time.

Zhongli (Geo)

Zhongli is a versatile Geo support character with exceptional crowd control and shielding capabilities. His elemental skill, “Dominus Lapidis,” summons a pillar that deals AoE Geo damage and resonates with other Geo structures, while his elemental burst, “Planet Befall,” petrifies enemies and deals massive Geo damage. Zhongli’s strong utility and defensive prowess make him an excellent addition to any team composition.

A-Tier: The Powerhouses

A-Tier characters are highly effective and versatile, capable of filling a variety of roles in any team composition. While they may not boast the same level of raw power as their S-Tier counterparts, these heroes still offer substantial value and can be the key to success in many battles.

Diluc (Pyro)

Diluc is a powerful Pyro DPS character with devastating damage potential. His elemental skill, “Searing Onslaught,” unleashes a series of fiery slashes, while his elemental burst, “Dawn,” summons a massive phoenix that deals massive Pyro damage in a wide area. His consistent damage output and elemental versatility make him an invaluable addition to any team.

Klee (Pyro)

Klee Genshin Impact

Klee is a ranged Pyro DPS character known for her explosive AoE damage capabilities. Her elemental skill, “Jumpy Dumpty,” summons a bouncing bomb that deals Pyro damage, while her elemental burst, “Sparks ‘n’ Splash,” unleashes a barrage of homing explosives that target enemies. Klee’s high damage output and ability to apply Pyro status to multiple foes make her a strong choice for any team.

Mona (Hydro)

Mona Genshin Impact
Mona Genshin Impact

Mona is a versatile Hydro support and sub-DPS character known for her ability to amplify damage dealt by other characters. Her elemental skill, “Mirror Reflection of Doom,” creates a phantom that taunts enemies and deals Hydro damage, while her elemental burst, “Stellaris Phantasm,” traps enemies in an illusory bubble and increases the damage they take. Mona’s unique abilities and damage amplification make her a valuable asset for many team compositions.

B-Tier: The Reliable Support

B-Tier characters are solid additions to your team, offering a good balance between power and utility. They may not excel in a specific area, but their versatility makes them reliable choices to fill in gaps in your team composition.

Xingqiu (Hydro)

Xingqiu is an excellent Hydro support character who excels in both offense and defense. His elemental skill, “Guhua Sword: Fatal Rainscreen,” creates a shield that absorbs damage while his elemental burst, “Guhua Sword: Raincutter,” summons a series of Hydro swords that attack alongside your active character. Xingqiu’s abilities make him a great support option for various team compositions.

Bennett (Pyro)

Bennett is a versatile Pyro support character known for his exceptional healing and damage buffs. His elemental skill, “Passion Overload,” deals Pyro damage and can launch enemies, while his elemental burst, “Fantastic Voyage,” creates a healing and damage-boosting field that benefits your entire team. Bennett’s well-rounded skillset makes him an ideal choice for any team in need of a support hero.

Chongyun (Cryo)

Chongyun is a Cryo support character who specializes in boosting melee damage for your team. His elemental skill, “Spirit Blade: Chonghua’s Layered Frost,” creates a frost field that converts melee attacks to Cryo damage, while his elemental burst, “Spirit Blade: Cloud-Parting Star,” unleashes a powerful AoE Cryo attack. Chongyun’s elemental conversion and AoE capabilities make him a solid support option for various team compositions.

C-Tier: The Situational Picks

C-Tier characters can be useful in specific situations or team compositions, but they generally lack the raw power or versatility of higher-tier characters. While they may not be your first choice, these heroes can still be valuable in the right context.

Ningguang (Geo)

Ningguang is a ranged Geo DPS character who excels at single-target damage. Her elemental skill, “Jade Screen,” creates a barrier that blocks projectiles and deals Geo damage, while her elemental burst, “Starshatter,” unleashes a series of gem projectiles that deal massive Geo damage. Ningguang’s focused damage output can be helpful against certain enemies, but her lack of AoE capabilities limits her overall usefulness.

Noelle (Geo)

Noelle is a Geo support character with a focus on defense and healing. Her elemental skill, “Breastplate,” summons a shield that absorbs damage and heals your active character, while her elemental burst, “Sweeping Time,” increases her attack range and converts her damage to Geo. Noelle’s defensive capabilities can be useful in certain situations, but her limited offensive potential makes her a less desirable pick for most teams.

Beidou (Electro)

Beidou is an Electro DPS character with a unique counter-attack playstyle. Her elemental skill, “Tidecaller,” allows her to absorb damage and unleash a powerful counterattack, while her elemental burst, “Stormbreaker,” creates an electro shield that deals AoE Electro damage. Beidou’s counter-attack mechanic can be potent in certain situations, but her reliance on timing and lack of versatility hinder her overall effectiveness.

D-Tier: The Underwhelming Options

D-Tier characters are generally underwhelming, offering limited utility or damage output compared to their higher-tier counterparts. These heroes are not recommended for most teams and should be considered only as a last resort or for specific challenges.

Amber (Pyro)

Amber is a ranged Pyro DPS character who struggles to compete with other, more powerful options. Her elemental skill, “Explosive Puppet,” summons a decoy that taunts enemies and explodes, while her elemental burst, “Fiery Rain,” deals AoE Pyro damage over time. Despite her interesting skillset, Amber’s low damage output and situational abilities make her a less appealing choice for most players.

Kaeya (Cryo)

Kaeya is a Cryo support character whose lack of damage output and limited utility place him in the D-Tier. His elemental skill, “Frostgnaw,” deals AoE Cryo damage, while his elemental burst, “Glacial Waltz,” summons icicles that rotate around him, dealing Cryo damage to nearby enemies. Despite his decent crowd control capabilities, Kaeya’s overall impact on a team is underwhelming compared to other Cryo characters.

F-Tier: The Disappointments

F-Tier characters offer little value to your team and are generally considered the weakest options in the game. These heroes should be avoided whenever possible, as they will likely hold your team back rather than propel it to victory.

Lisa (Electro)

Lisa is a ranged Electro support character whose lackluster abilities and low damage output place her at the bottom of our tier list. Her elemental skill, “Violet Arc,” deals Electro damage and can apply a stackable debuff, while her elemental burst, “Lightning Rose,” summons a storm that deals continuous Electro damage. Unfortunately, Lisa’s abilities are easily outshined by other Electro characters, making her a poor choice for most teams.

Traveler (Anemo)

The Anemo version of the Traveler, Genshin Impact’s main character, is considered the weakest Anemo option in the game. Their elemental skill, “Palm Vortex,” creates a small Anemo AoE that pulls in enemies, while their elemental burst, “Gust Surge,” creates a larger AoE that gathers and damages enemies. Unfortunately, the Traveler’s abilities are easily outclassed by other Anemo characters, making their Anemo form a suboptimal choice for most teams.

Wrapping Up

In Genshin Impact, your team composition can make or break your gameplay experience. By using this Genshin Impact Character Tier List as a guide, you can create a powerful and versatile team capable of taking on even the toughest challenges the game has to offer.

Remember, as new characters are introduced and balance changes are made, this tier list may evolve, so be sure to stay up to date on the latest character rankings and meta shifts. Good luck, and happy adventuring!

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