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Find Aneta Diablo 4 Bug Fix – The Heretic Side Quest

Find Aneta Bug Fix

In the world of Diablo IV, there are numerous side quests that players can embark upon, offering not just rich storytelling, but also valuable rewards. One of these quests, known as “The Heretic,” has unfortunately been plagued by a frustrating bug. This bug makes it impossible for players to progress in the quest as they are unable to locate a key character, Aneta, thereby stalling their adventure.

But fret not, fellow adventurers! This guide is here to provide possible solutions to the elusive ‘Find Aneta’ bug in the Heretic side quest.

Find Aneta Bug Fix

The Bug and Its Impact

In the Heretic side quest, players are tasked with finding Aneta, a pivotal character. However, a bug in the game sometimes causes Aneta to be inexplicably missing. As a result, players are unable to complete the quest objective of “Find Aneta,” stalling their progress in the quest and potentially disrupting their overall gaming experience.

Understanding the Heretic Side Quest

Before we delve into the bug fixes, let’s recap the essential stages of The Heretic side quest:

  1. Talk to Vass in Zarbinzet to initiate the quest.
  2. Search for survivors at the Abandoned Ruins located northeast from Zarbinzet.
  3. Defeat the horde of demons that you encounter in the Abandoned Ruins.
  4. A frightened girl will emerge from the ruins; you need to converse with her.
  5. You are then tasked with gathering certain plants within a designated region.
  6. You’ll escort Aneta back to Zarbinzet and speak with her.
  7. Your next task is to find Aneta, who’s now inside The Forgotten Cave in The Fallow Tillage.
  8. You’ll need to save Aneta from the villagers and fight off the ensuing wave of demons.
  9. Finally, you’ll speak with Aneta one last time, wrapping up the quest.

Now that we understand the quest, let’s explore potential solutions to the Find Aneta bug.

Main Fix For The Find Aneta Bug

Follow the steps below to get past the big in this quest:

  1. Abandon the quest
  2. Change your World Tier to ensure it has fully reset. You can change the world tier back if you need to
  3. Start the quest again
  4. When you arrive at the Find Aneta part of the quest, leave your mount behind
  5. Navigate to the blue search area on foot
  6. Once in the search area, keep looking until the entrance to the dungeon shes hiding in appears on the map.
  7. It is called the forgotten cave. The entrance is located just behind a waterfall.

This should hopefully fix the bug for you. If it doesn’t you can try some of the fixes below.

Potential Other Bug Fixes

Restarting the Game

The simplest solution that has worked for many players is to restart the game. Upon restarting, players often find that Aneta has reappeared at her designated location in The Forgotten Cave in The Fallow Tillage. If she’s still not there, don’t worry, there are more solutions to try.

Reinstalling the Game

This may sound drastic, but sometimes, a fresh installation can resolve many bugs. Before uninstalling, ensure that your game data is backed up to avoid any loss. Once you’ve reinstalled Diablo IV, check if Aneta is back in her place.

Waiting for an Official Fix

If none of the above solutions work, it’s likely that the bug is deeply rooted within the game’s coding, and player-side solutions may not fix it. In such cases, it would be best to wait for an official patch from the game developers, who are typically quick to address such widespread issues.

Wrapping Up

While bugs like the ‘Find Aneta’ issue in Diablo IV can be frustrating, it’s important to remember that they are common in the world of video gaming, particularly in newly released or early-access titles. Most importantly, developers highly value player feedback in identifying and resolving such issues. Therefore, while waiting for an official fix, don’t hesitate to report your experiences on official game forums.

Remember, the key to dealing with game bugs is patience, both in waiting for fixes and in attempting different solutions. Now that you’re armed with these potential fixes, we hope your adventures in Diablo IV continue unabated!

Happy gaming, and may you find Aneta and progress through the mesmerizing narrative.

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