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What is

A site dedicated to celebrating and promoting the visibility of women in games-read more here.

How do you choose which videos to promote? What criteria do you use?

We generally prefer to promote videos from women who are still actively making video content. Otherwise, we’re just looking for videos with good audio and visual quality, and of course, the more interesting, the better!

Why isn’t [fill in the blank] video/let’s player/streamer/article promoted on remeshed?

We may have a similar video from another content creator, or we just might not have gotten to it yet. You can help us find good content to promote by suggesting it to us.

Does promoting a video, podcast, Let’s Player or streamer on remeshed mean you agree with everything that content creator says or does?

No. While we won’t intentionally promote sexist/racist/otherwise offensive content, we want to expose visitors to as many different female content creators and gaming journalists as possible, so we try to present a diverse array of videos and articles. But we probably aren’t even aware of what a specific content creator has said/done elsewhere.

How do I recommend a podcast/Let’s Play video/streamer for the site?

Suggest it here.

I don’t want my video embedded on remeshed, for whatever reason. Will you remove it?

Yes. Just send us a message through YouTube (so we can verify that it’s you)-you can find our brand new YouTube channel here.

I want to write or create video content for remeshed! How do I do that?

Email us at contact [at] with a brief summary of what you want to do, and links to articles you’ve written or videos you’ve made.

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