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Can I Wear My Apple Watch In The Sauna? – [Answered]

Apple watches are expensive and you want to make sure you don’t break it. You are probably wondering can I wear my apple watch in the Sauna?

Can I Wear My Apple Watch In A Sauna

Apple is known for making some of the most expensive products, such as iPhones, iPads, etc. However, they are also well known for manufacturing some of the best smartwatches in the entire world, the Apple Watches. These watches are sturdy and durable, which is expected from a watch with a high price tag. Many people wonder how their Apple Watch is going to perform in different situations, including in the Sauna. 

Can I Wear My Apple Watch In A Sauna? 

Even though the Apple Watch is a high-quality smartwatch, you should avoid wearing it in a Sauna. This is because Apple officially claimed that wearing the Apple Watch in a Sauna can potentially damage the watch. The Apple Watch might be water-resistant, but the water vapor particles that are in the Sauna can easily make their way into the watch. Furthermore, due to the heat in the Sauna, the internal components of the Apple Watch can get damaged. 

Can You Wear The Newer Apple Watch Models In the Sauna?

All Apple Watches are water-resistant and not waterproof. Many people often get confused with these two terms and think they are the same. However, this is not the case at all. Water-resistant means that the gadget can survive in situations that involve water, but it can not stay underwater for a long period. On the other hand, waterproof gadgets can be submerged underwater for hours and they won’t get damaged. 

As for the Apple Watches, each one comes with its own water resistance rating, which indicates how good it is against water. A newer model always has a better rating than the previous one. However, the Apple Watch Series 2 and the ones released after it have a pretty good rating and are safe to use in some activities that include water, such as in the shower. However, models older than the Series 2 should be kept away from even a tiny drop of water.

Unfortunately, even though the newer Apple Watches have a good water resistance rating, they can not be worn in the Sauna. Apple Watches are designed to work in temperatures between 0° and 35°C. However, the temperature in the Sauna is somewhere between 75° to 100°C. At this temperature, you’ll sweat a lot as well. Therefore, your Apple Watch isn’t only going to battle the heat of the Sauna, but it will also try to protect itself from your sweat.  

Apple isn’t yet able to come up with a watch that can survive the hot temperature of the Sauna. Sure, newer models do offer better protection against water, but the Sauna is a different case. The newer models might survive their first time in the Sauna, but you’ll still be putting your watch at great risk. 

What To Expect If You Wear Your Apple Watch in the Sauna

A big mistake many people make is that they think their Apple Watch is going to survive in every environment. However, whenever a new watch is released, Apple always tells people to avoid wearing the Apple Watch in certain situations. 

The reason why most people want to wear their Apple Watch in a Sauna is that they are too lazy to take off their watch after a workout. They just want to head straight into the Sauna and relax for some time. However, what they don’t realize is that they are only going to create more problems for themselves by putting their Apple Watch in danger. 

If you wear the Apple Watch in the Sauna, you can expect the following things to happen. Keep in mind that this might not happen during your first visit to the Sauna with the Apple Watch on your wrist. The watch might get damaged when you take it into the Sauna for the second or third time.

Internal Components of the Watch Can Get Damaged 

Apple Watches can be worn in hot temperatures, but the heat in the Sauna is too much for the watch to handle. The newer models of the Apple Watch will even tell you when it gets too hot for them. And if you wear the watch in the Sauna, its internal components can quickly get damaged.

Battery Life Can Reduce 

If your Apple Watch is still working fine even after you have worn it in the Sauna, don’t think that it is 100% fine. This is because hot temperatures have a negative effect on the battery, and the battery life can shorten if it is exposed to extremely hot temperatures. Therefore, wearing the Apple Watch in the Sauna multiple times can reduce the battery life of your Apple Watch, that is if the watch manages to survive the heat in the first place.  

The Water Resistance Will Get Ruined 

A lot of people think that the water-resistance of their Apple Watch is going to stay there forever. However, Apple has warned that water resistance isn’t something permanent and it will keep on fading over time. The water resistance level mostly goes down when you often wear the watch in situations where it’s not meant to be worn. Therefore, wearing the Apple Watch in the Sauna can reduce its water resistance. Furthermore, Apple also mentioned that water vapor particles in the Sauna can bypass the water-resistance of the Apple Watch.

Which Water Activities Can Damage The Apple Watch? 

Even though the Apple Watch is water-resistant and can be worn during activities that involve water, there are some situations where your watch might get damaged. For instance, as mentioned earlier, it is completely fine to wear the Apple Watch during a shower. However, if you use shampoo, soap, lotions, or similar stuff during the shower, your watch can get damaged.

Furthermore, it isn’t recommended to wear the Apple Watch while scuba diving. This is because a water-resistant gadget can not be submerged underwater for a long period. 

What To Do If You Wore Your Apple Watch in The Sauna? 

If you went into the Sauna with your Apple Watch without knowing the consequences, waste no time in doing a complete check of the watch. See if the screen is working fine and whether the touch is responsive or not. Check if the sound coming from the watch is fine. In other words, make sure everything is working completely.

If everything is working fine after you do a complete check, then congratulations, your Apple Watch won its battle against the heat in the Sauna. However, this does not mean that it can survive in the Sauna and you can take it there again. 

Wrapping Up

As you can see, it is not safe for you to wear your Apple Watch in the Sauna. It is recommended that you take your watch off and place it somewhere safe before heading into the Sauna. An average Sauna session lasts for around 15-20 minutes, and it’s not worth wearing the watch during it. 

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