Black Ops 3 Multiplayer: Beginner Tips and Tricks

On the surface, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s multiplayer mode might seem a lot like previous installments. That’s a correct assumption to make if you want to be entirely reliant on your ability to shoot faster than everyone else, but there’s so much more going on by now. While practice is definitely going to make perfect (or at least, close-ish to perfect), we’ve rounded up some great tips and tricks to give you the edge in battle.

Take your time

Don’t expect to be amazing straight away. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 gradually unlocks content for one thing, meaning that the perfect weapon for your style of play might come along later. Keep playing and learning the maps as you go. You’ll unlock plenty of weapons and perks that way. Use such things to tailor custom loadouts for specific maps, modes, and even just for when the mood takes you, and you’d rather be sniping compared to your usual ‘rush in’ style.


New to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 are a choice of specialist characters, each with their own special abilities. None of those abilities will make up for lack of skill-being fairly balanced-but they can provide some useful bonuses. Which specialist you choose should be down to your playing style. Some favor those who prefer close-quarters battle, while others help you snipe more effectively. Besides your own preferences, the map you’re playing can change a lot too. A large map means that sniper leaning specialists might be better, while tight maps full of bottlenecks mean that those with grenade based abilities will do particularly well.

Each specialist comes with two abilities-one is a passive boost, i.e. increased speed, while the other is an attack skill you have to activate.

It’s a little less fun at times, but if you really want to perfect a specialist character or a particular map, then stick to the same combinations until you know you’ve mastered it. A good starting point is with Team Deathmatch or Kill Confirmed, as they both offer simple objectives.

Stick together!

Don’t turn into a lone wolf. Safety in numbers is everything with these team based shooters, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is no different. When you’re learning the maps, it’s even wiser to stick with others, but that rule hardly ever changes. Even when you know a map better than your own home, it’s always best to be part of a group. After all, when an enemy is being shot at by 3–4 of your team at once, odds are they’re going down faster than if there was just you.

Move carefully

Jumping on the Parkour/free running bandwagon means that Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 allows you to run across walls, double jump across gaps, and complete all kinds of crazy maneuvers. You can even sprint for as long as your heart desires. That doesn’t actually mean that you should. This is still primarily a military shooter, meaning a lot of the time you want to stay low, and keep behind cover. Being out in the open is never a wise move.

Freerunning is great when you’re in a jam and need to keep moving, but a lot of the time, you want to be more subtle. Don’t forget that using such free running abilities can make you show up on an enemy’s radar minimap, making you a very easy target to track down.

Tied into this, don’t reload all the time. That takes up valuable seconds that could make all the difference when an enemy walks round a corner.

Check your corners too. Some players like to ‘camp’, keeping very still in a darkened section and waiting for you to walk by without realizing. Assume every room and corridor contains a threat. Of course, you can do this too if you want-try going prone amongst a bunch of corpses. It sounds bleak, but it’s a very effective strategy as your enemy often won’t spot you in time.


Incorporating something else from the likes of Titanfall is the addition of wildcards. These items can change the typical rules of your loadout, such as by allowing you to equip extra perks or by attaching additional attachments to your weaponry. Wildcards take up an equipment slot though, and you’ve only got 10 at your disposal. Use everything wisely as an extra perk effectively means using two slots. Don’t be afraid to leave something behind that you never use anyhow.

Unlock Tokens

Each time you level up, you gain Unlock Tokens which can be used to unlock new weapons. Don’t rush into anything. Save these for when you know what your favored play style is. That way you don’t waste tokens on weapons you’ll never use. Why bother grabbing that shotgun when it turns out you like sneaking up on folks? Exactly.


Scorestreaks can give you everything from a UAV (boost to your radar) to powerful weaponry. Early on though, you want to keep your streaks set quite low so that you can actually activate them quite soon. There’s no point having it set high for an amazing attack, if you can never string many kills or point gains very often!

One advantage is if you use the Specialist named Seraph, and pick out the Combat Focus ability. It gives you a bonus score multiplier that helps you earn score streaks faster.

The most important tip

Have fun! Yes, it’ll infuriate you at times. Some players will have lightning reflexes, and others will have played so many more hours than you that you’ll feel inferior. Don’t worry about that. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is still pretty accessible to those learning, and there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction when everything goes perfectly.

Jennifer Allen
Jennifer is a freelancer for multiple outlets on the web and in print, including Playboy, Paste Magazine, TechRadar, and MyM Magazine. In her spare time, she watches too many TV boxsets and pretends she knows what she’s doing at the gym. Follow her on Twitter.
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Jennifer Allen
Jennifer is a freelancer for multiple outlets on the web and in print, including Playboy, Paste Magazine, TechRadar, and MyM Magazine. In her spare time, she watches too many TV boxsets and pretends she knows what she’s doing at the gym. Follow her on Twitter.

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