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Sons Of The Forest

Top 5 Best Weapons In Sons Of The Forest & How To Get Them – Easy Guide

Best Weapons In Sons Of The Forest

Sons of the Forest, the sequel to the decade-old ‘The Forest,’ is a very immersive survival game that embodies why we love this terrifying genre. The island on which the game takes place is full of cannibals and other dangerous enemies, making it essential to be at your best when facing them. Let’s take a look at the five best weapons in the game and how to get them.

1. Shotgun

It’s no surprise to see the shotgun make it onto this list. After all, it is a very powerful close-range that is capable of blasting away multiple enemies with its pellet spread. In order to get your hands on the shotgun, you’ll need a shovel that can be obtained from the rebreather. Once you have a shovel, head to the purple location marked on your GPS and start digging until you hit a wooden coffin – the shotgun should be inside.

2. Katana

Since the protagonist is practically proficient at using any weapon, you best believe they can dismember cannibals with a katana. Although it can not be blocked with, its agility and durability more than makeup for it. You can uncover the Katana from a bunker located between two icy hills towards the lake in the southeast portion of the map. Exercise caution, as there will be a Sluggy down there.

3. Chainsaw

While dismemberment has its own dirty pleasure, sawing enemies (who thought they could get the jump on you) in half exudes a different feeling of domination. Of course, you can use it to chop down trees as well. Regardless, you can get your hands on this incredible weapon from a cave towards the west set of the map – make sure you have a Maintenance Keycard and a VIP Keycard, though.

4. Pistol

Despite being small and not as powerful as a shotgun, the standard pistol is a very reliable sidearm to have when you run out of ammo on your primary weapon or are forced to reload. It is quite easy to obtain in Sons of the Forest – you can even get it within the first 30 minutes if you’re willing to venture far off into the island. The pistol can be found inside a small boat floating in the maw towards the eastmost side of the island.

5. Crossbow

The crossbow is a handy mechanical weapon to have when you’re trying to discreetly take out enemies from medium to long ranges. It can be obtained during the main story if you look hard enough, particularly when you venture out to get the VIP Keycard. If you enter one of the nearby caves (marked by a green indicator), you’ll find a bunker with a door that can be unlocked with the Maintenance Keycard – behind this door will be the crossbow.

Wrapping Up

Even though Sons of the Forest throws you on a deserted island with only an axe, you can better equip yourself for self-defense with top-tier weapons. Although some of these weapons are gated behind some story progression (i.e getting the Maintenance Keycard and VIP Keycard), the rest can easily be obtained at the start of the game if you’re willing to venture off deep into the treacherous jungle.

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