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All Zenobia’s Gobstone Locations In Hogwarts Legacy – [Easy Guide]

Zenobias Gobblestone Locations

The Gods of Gobstones side quest is one of the earliest quests you can play in Hogwarts Legacy. It involves having to go around the castle, collecting Zenobia Noke’s Gobstones that have been hidden all over the place. Let’s dive a little deeper into this quest to see where exactly these Gobstones are located and how you can uncover/obtain them.

Zenobia’s Gobstones Quest In Hogwarts Legacy

To start the Gobs of Gobstones quest, you will need to navigate your way to Zenobia Noke, who can be found near the Rhinoceros skeleton in the Astronomy wing. Once you talk to her, she will explain how some other students have taken her Gobstones and hidden them around the castle where she cannot reach them. 

Thus, she requires a competent student’s help to get those Gobstones back. Once you are done with the dialogue, the quotes will be started automatically, and you can start looking for the Gobstones around the castle. Bear in mind that you will need to acquire your wand from Ollivander’s before being able to start this quest. 

Zenobia’s Gobstones Locations In Hogwarts Legacy 

There are a total of six Gobstones spread across the castle in high places. Once you are near any of the locations of a Gobstone, use Revelio, and the stone will start to shine and become easier to spot. Then, just use Accio to pull the Gobstone towards yourself.

Here is a list of the locations of all the Gobstones in HGogwarts Legacy:

First Gobstone

You’ll find this Gobstone on top of the hallway in the Transfiguration Courtyard, which is located inside the Astronomy wing. 

Second Gobstone

The next Gobstone is located on the Chandelier at the top of the Viaduct Entrance stairway built in the Central Hall of the Astronomy Wing.

Third Gobstone

This Gobstone is placed right on top of the wooden board in the Library Annex. 

Fourth Gobstone

Don’t leave the Library Annex just yet; you’ll find the next Gobstone here as well. Search right on top of the pillars in the Ravenclaw Tower to get the fourth one.

Fifth Gobstone

The fifth Gobstone can be found lying on top of a window in the Trophy Room, which is located on the Grand Staircase. 

Sixth Gobstone

You’ll find the sixth and last Gobstone placed in the Trophy Room as well. This time, however, instead of searching around windows, scan the trophy cases for the Gobstone.

Reward For Returning Zenobia’s Gobstones

After you’ve got your hands on all of the Gobstones, returning them to her will fetch you Experience Points and an Orbicular – Violet Wand Handle. You can also choose not to give the Gobstone back to Zenobia, but this will make her unhappy, and she will not interact kindly with you throughout the game.

Wrapping Up

The Gods of Gobstones quest is one of the first quests you can do after you have started your journey in the world of Hogwarts Legacy. As such, it is not difficult to complete and provides players with some early game rewards to help them later on.

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