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Welcome to! We’re bringing together user-generated content from across the internet and adding our own original news, reviews, interviews and commentary in order to provide a one-stop-shop for video game news and info by and about women.

Women now comprise over 50% of gamers, but are underserved by most games and publications—and the content that is out there for/about/by women in games is often hard to find unless it’s something controversial.

We want to help make it easier for you to find all the great content that’s already being created by female gamers and game journalists, and encourage women to make more. We regularly highlight video commentary from women on YouTube. We’ve aggregated podcasts that include at least one female host (spoiler alert: there aren’t many). Our reviews include our own POV, but also excerpts from reviews written by women on other gaming sites, and we regularly highlight content from female gaming journalists across the web in our Twitter feed.

Because many girls and women still hesitate to build careers in gaming, we also want to put a spotlight on women who are already working in that field—either professionally, or as a hobby, so we’re aggregating videos of panels, interviews and conversations with women who work behind the games. And we’re adding our own interviews, too.

Finally, we’re posting original news, reviews and commentary every week—like this analysis of Evie Frye, or an interview with WOC game devs about ethnicity, or a humorous piece on games that capture the horrors of living in the PNW.

We’re excited about bringing more visibility to women in games, and creating a positive gaming community for/about women. We’re keeping comments turned off on the site for now, but please click on the “upvote” button on content you like, and share your comments and feedback with us on Twitter and Facebook.

— Sarah Warn, Editor-in-Chief,

To learn more about us, read our staff bios and our FAQs.

If you’re interested in contributing to the site, email us at contact [at] with a brief summary of what you want to do, with links to articles you’ve written or videos you’ve made.

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