7 Important Non-Essentials That I Need in the Seventh Generation of Pokemon

A flock of Beedrill must have infiltrated recent gaming news with all the buzz about Pokémon Sun and Moon. The hint of a new generation has been causing excitement, but we have nary a clue what the new games might contain, only an incredibly ambiguous trailer and a short blurb from Nintendo. While I would love some more information, this just means that it is time to speculate and compile a wishlist!

Here are seven important non-essentials that I need in the seventh generation of the Poké-verse.

  1. More character customization and outfits

Over the years Pokémon has only gotten better at making a player feel like their trainer is unique. What started out as Red on his lonesome, turned into Kris and Ethan in Pokémon Crystal, only to eventually become a much more customizable player character in Pokémon X and Y. In those games having the ability to re-dress, change hair color, adjust hair cut, and constantly evolve your character through the course of the game was fantastic.

What I want now is simply more: more colors, more styles, more body types and facial features. While my character in X was fabulous, I wouldn’t mind some continued evolution of her style.

  1. Bring back mini games

The six generation introduced a lot of new perks like making trainer videos, grooming your Furfrou, and allowing you to feed your oversized legendary a pink cupcake. As much as I loved that the generation introduced Super Training and Pokémon Amie, I can’t help but miss some of the older mini games. Throwing away my money at the Game Corner or competing in the Pokéathlon Games led to many wasted but enjoyable hours.

Mini games have become a staple of the series and I’m sure that they will bring some more to the table, but I would love to see some of my favorites make returns as well!

  1. Extensive end-game content

The Battle Maison in X and Y offered some great battling and the added mystery spots in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire meant a lot more available Pokémon. That said, I do miss the long end-game content like the Battle Frontier or the entire region of Kanto after beating Johto. I would love to see a full Battle Frontier in the next game with various battle types, especially with the addition of new battle formats.

  1. Integration with Pokémon GO

Much like a lot of Pokéfans, I am incredibly excited for Pokémon GO. A huge part of this is for the sheer amount of potential it has. While Pokémon Black and White had the Dream World bonus to help you catch Pokémon, integrating Pokémon GO into the next generation would be fun and convenient. What I really want to see out of this is a closer look at the new Pokémon, some chances to get special Pokémon, and some cross platform interaction if possible.

  1. An even better map and travel system

Pokémon X and Y as well as OR/AS did one very appealing thing for the very lazy gamer in me: it made travel a whole lot easier and the map a lot more dynamic and interesting. That, plus the addition of the Eon Flute, made travel cool and efficient. I hop that Pokémon Sun and Moon will bring a new system for this, even smoother than before.

  1. Adjust stats or move sets

This is, admittedly, the least feasible of my requests to Nintendo. I would just really love to see some of my old favorites revamped a bit. They have made adjustments to Pokémon in the past, but mostly in the way of adding Mega evolutions or a secondary type. Extra evolutions to single-evolution Pokémon, new move sets, or some adjustments to base stats would make older Pokémon more feasible to use in competitive play. Arcanine is a gorgeous Pokémon, but taking him into a competitive battle is not always the best decision.

  1. More Pokémon type combinations

More Pokémon will assuredly be coming with an entirely new generation, and players have all kinds of requests for what they want Nintendo to include and exclude (looking at you, Garbodor). What I would like to see out of the new set would be Pokémon of new type combinations. We’ve seen fire/fighting, grass/poison, and rock/water extensively. Where’s my ghost/dragon type Pokémon or my dark/fairy Pokémon?

There are 38 types that have never been made in the Pokémon universe, so having more combinations of typing would not only make battles more interesting, but allow for more variety in design.

Now, there were a lot of things I’d like included that didn’t make the list, such as a red panda-inspired Pokémon or the return of the Pokétch, but there’s only so much that I can ask of a game. Pokémon has been going strong for 20 years, and I, for one, cannot wait until the next installment.

Rocio is an aspiring creative person, who spends her free days reading, playing board games, and practicing Quidditch. She thrives off of RPGs, salty food, and petting animals.
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Rocio is an aspiring creative person, who spends her free days reading, playing board games, and practicing Quidditch. She thrives off of RPGs, salty food, and petting animals.

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