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Lyst summit venue

Women of Blush Box Games Headed to Sex and Romance Games Summit in Norway

In even our most beloved games, romance is at best the side-dish to entrees of war, revenge, and domination. Dragon Age and Mass Effect have made valiant attempts. We’ve all sent our Sims to the marriage bed to WooHoo.…
Jane Ng on Making the World of Firewatch

iconJane Ng on Making the World of Firewatch

In this 2016 GDC talk, Campo Santo’s Jane Ng breaks down the art production challenges encountered when making Firewatch, and explains the methodology behind the team’s scene management, asset modeling and world streaming. The talk also goes into some details…
Olga Kachalina

iconDesigning UX in World of Tanks Blitz

In this GDC Europe 2015 talk, Wargaming’s Olga Kachalina shares the challenges of bringing real time action games from PC and consoles to touch screens without compromising or dumbing down the user experience, and explains best practices for prototyping,…
Renee Gittins

Of Potions and Unicorns: An Interview with Stumbling Cat CEO Renee Gittins

While there are a number of different trajectories that could lead someone to being CEO of an independent studio, the most likely path is preceded by several years in AAA game development, or at the very least, several years…
Victoria Prentice

Victoria Prentice on How to Build a Career in Sound Design for Video Games

It’s probably fair to say that some jobs in game development are perceived as more prestigious, more desireable, or more ‘sexy,’ than others, but the fact is that there is a whole world of possibilities for game development careers…
Lori Cole’s History of Adventure Games

Lori Cole’s History of Adventure Games

Designer Lori Cole presents a short retrospective on 30 years of Adventure Games at GDC 2016’s Flash Backward session. Cole is an award-winning creative director, game designer, and writer in the video game industry. Her critically acclaimed games include…
Nananea's Orcs Must Die! 2 skin

From Let’s Player to Video Game Marketer: Nananea on Her Career and Orcs Must Die!

Nananea began making Let’s Play videos on YouTube several years ago, and eventually landed a job making marketing content for video games. In our interview, she explains her career trajectory, gives advice on how to build a career in video game…
This is Your Brain on VR: A Look at The Psychology of Doing VR Right

iconThis is Your Brain on VR: The Psychology of Doing Virtual Reality Right

Research scientist and technical designer Dr. Kimberly Voll has spent the last many years studying how people think in games. In this GDC Talk, she explores what makes virtual reality work-including what expectations we bring to playing a VR game, the role…
How American History Influenced Early Board Game Design

iconHow American History Influenced Early Board Game Design

Early American board games offer some interesting insights on how culture can shape design. In this talk, Brooklyn-based game designer Julia Keren-Detar covers the rise of board games in America, their designers, and how the games reflected and were…
baldur's gate siege of dragonspear

Beamdog CEO Stands Up For Harassed Baldur’s Gate Writer

Beamdog‘s recent expansion Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear has garnered some criticism recently, with some of the most vehement complaints revolving around two main issues: a transgender supporting character, Mizhena, and a line of dialogue aimed at GamerGate. The joke was…
The Pixelles Method: How to Increase Game Dev Diversity

iconThe Pixelles Method: How to Increase Game Dev Diversity

There are no easy answers or shortcuts to changing a culture and increasing diversity, but we can do more than wait around and hope it happens naturally! Pixelles is a grassroots initiative founded in Montreal with the goal to…
photo of Jess Loeb by photographer Helena Price

Techies Portrait Project Tells Stories of Underrepresented Silicon Valley Employees

Photographer Helena Price started a portrait project at the beginning of this year called Techies. She put out a call for underrepresented people in the tech industry of Silicon Valley. She wanted to hear from women, people of color,…

Women on the Move: Laura Miele Named EVP, Global Publishing at EA

Electronic Arts announced that Laura Miele will be appointed to EVP of Global Publishing at the beginning of the first quarter of their 2017 fiscal year. Miele has worked for the company for 20 years, and has held a…
Dragon Age Inquisition

The 9 Questions About Romance and Sexuality in Video Game Development That Everyone Wants Answered

I had the honor of attending the IGDA Romance and Sexuality SIG Roundtable last week at GDC 2016, hosted by Karin Weekes, Michelle Clough, and Heidi McDonald (with special guests Patrick Weekes and Squinky). It was a room full of gamers,…
Tracy Fullerton Receives the 2016 GDCA Ambassador Award

iconTracy Fullerton Receives the 2016 GDCA Ambassador Award

Jenova Chen and Kellee Santiago take the stage to present USC’s Tracy Fullerton with the 2016 GDCA Ambassador Award. Watch the full ceremony at
GDC 2015

Women at GDC 2016

With GDC 2016 just a week away, the conference has released teaser videos of the many panels and speakers scheduled during the event. Here’s a list of those sessions that feature female game devs, designers, writers, audio composers, or other creative…
Dave and Janet Gilbert

Wadjet Eye Games, The Blackwell Series, and the Husband and Wife Team Behind it

In just 10 years, Wadjet Eye Games has established a solid reputation for producing critically acclaimed adventure games for the PC and iOS. Famous for games such as IGF Student Showcase winner, Gemini Rue, and now the Blackwell series…

iconWomen Making Games (Moore College of Art & Design, 2016)

Moore College of Art & Design recently hosted a panel discussion on “Women Making Games” with game developers Alison Carrier (Red Crow Austin), Nicole Kline (Cardboard Fortress Games), Amanda Renfroe (Steamroller Studios), and Kat Webster (BioWare).

iconBioWare’s Cameron Harris on Why Editors Matter

Books, films and TV shows all have editors, and so should video games. So says BioWare editor Cameron Harris, who breaks down how editors add value to projects, teams, and companies to generate creative and financial success.
Elections of US America Election: The Card Game

Auroch Digital’s Nina Adams on Elections of US America Election: The Card Game

US Election season is upon us, and this year it’s a particularly significant one. Supporters on either side are terrified at the prospect of who could win, but there’s still plenty of room for satire and humor. (Because, really,…

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