The 19 Most Subscribed Female YouTube Gamers

When people think of YouTube gamers, most likely the first person that comes to mind in PewDiePie. With more than 40 million subscribers, he is the undisputed king of YouTube and YouTube gamers—but who are the queens?

Now that women make up 52 percent of the gaming audience, female YouTube gamers should be more abundant than ever. And it’s awesome to realize that the top 10 most subscribed to female YouTube gamers is a diverse group of women of different ethnicities, races, sexual orientations, nationalities and backgrounds. These women prove that games really are for everyone, and there’s bound to be at least one gamer on this list you’ll want to subscribe to immediately!

  1. iHasCupquake

With more than 3.7 million subscribers and over a billion views, iHasCupquake is the queen of female YouTube gamers. Otherwise known as Tiffany Herrera, Cupquake has been on YouTube since 2010, and is most known for her Minecraft videos. She also plays a variety of funny games, scary games, and everything in between—as well as vlogs and videos that showcase her geeky baking and crafting skills.

Cupquake has two additional YouTube channels for some of her non-gaming activities, including one that features her and her husband’s toy collection and a lifestyle channel.

  1. SSSniperWolf

This YouTuber’s channel is only two year’s old and she already quickly approaching 2 million subscribers. SSSniperWolf, otherwise known as Lia, has more than 1.8 million subscribers and 207 million views on her Let’s Plays, vlogs, and her popular Ask Wolf videos. Lia mostly plays games like Call of Duty and Black Ops—and is pretty darn good at them. When she’s not gaming, she also shows off her cosplay.

  1. LDShadowLady

Don’t let the pink hair and obsession with cuteness fool you—LDShadowLady is another lady gamer known for her Minecraft prowess, among other things. This British Let’s Player, whose real name is Lizzie, has more than 1.4 million subscribers and 345 million views on her channel since 2010, and while Minecraft is her game of choice, she also plays horror games, FPS games, and MMORPGs.

LDShadowLady is also a part of all-female gamer group Pixel Pact, which includes other gamers Vengelfe, Yammy_xox, MittyMoxx, NyanStrike, and Elleanora.

  1. Yogscast Hannah

A member of the Yogcast group of YouTubers, Yogscast Hannah is a British Let’s Player who has more than 1.3 million subscribers and 276 million views on her daily videos. She plays a lot of AAA titles like Assassin’s Creed, Batman: Arkham Knight, and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, as well as indie and horror games. One of her more popular series was YogSims, where she tried to control the lives of her fellow Yogscast members by creating there likeness in Sims 3.

  1. TheRPGMinx

Unlike a lot of Let’s Players, The RPGMinx has never shown her face in her YouTube videos—which doesn’t seem to bother people since she’s still acquired more than 1.1 million subscribers and 192 million views. Minx plays mostly horror games, as well as indie titles and Garry’s Mod. She also has a series where she plays online Cards Against Humanity with her friends and other YouTubers.

Minx is married to fellow female YouTube gamer KrismPro and is known for both her dark sense of humor and her infectious laugh.

  1. Aphmau

Aphmau, or Jess, posts daily Minecraft videos that have gained her a million subscribers and 278 million views. Aphmau posts daily to her YouTube channel—mostly with Minecraft videos but also with personal vlogs. Her videos are interesting because she does more of roleplay than just a commentary, so she brings a lot of creativity and personality into them.

Aphmau is also a bit unique in the world of Let’s Play gamers as she is a married mother of two children, who you can sometimes see on her channel.

  1. Fangs

Fangs, aka Jessie, is the “Queen of FIFA” with over 850,000 subscribers and lots and lots of videos about the pro soccer game. In addition to FIFA videos, Fangs also posts videos on random topics ranging from trips she’s taken to Q&As to Adult Ad Libs (which also features her husband GI Doobie). She lives in Austin, TX.

  1. StacyPlays

StacyPlays is a unique Let’s Player as she doesn’t use profanity in any of her videos—she even edits out cursing from her comment section. Since 2013, Stacy Hinojosa’s mostly Minecraft videos have gained her more than 848,000 subscribers and 231 million views. Along with Minecraft, she also plays a mod called Dogcraft, as well as a few other dog-themed or involved games incorporating her three dogs Molly, Polly and Page. If you’re looking for a nice break from Internet darkness, you should definitely check out her stuff.

  1. AmyLee33

Uploading a Minecraft video daily since she launched her channel in 2013, Amy Lee has just over 799,000 subscribers and is frequently joined in her videos by fellow top female YouTube gamer StacyPlays. Lately Amy Lee’s been expanding into other games, too, like The Sims 4, and she has a second YouTube channel, Amy’s World, where she posts vlogs about her life on topics varying from random musings, to toy reviews, to living with ADHD. Amy Lee’s sister-in-law Salems Lady is also a popular YouTube Gamer and mother of two who posts family-friendly Minecraft and Sims 4 videos.

  1. Yogscast Kim

Another member of the Yogscast crew, Yogscast Kim-real name Kim Richards-has racked up more than 729,000 subscribers and 115 million views. She plays a lot of multiplayer games with her fellow Yogscast Tubers, as well as games like SOMA (with Yogscast Hannah), Minecraft, and Life is Strange. She also acts as the in-the-field reporter for Yogscast coverage at E3, Gamescon, and other conventions.

  1. PressHeartToContinue

Aside from her Let’s Play videos—which includes runs of Life is Strange, Minecraft, and Undertale—PressHearttoContinue is also known for her popular Gaming Newz series that runs on Sundays. She goes by Dodger in her videos and has more than 693,00 subscribers and 77 million views. Dodger does a fair bit of vlogging on her other YouTube channel, and, like most of us, has a dependence on caffeine and an obsession with manga and anime.

Along with her own channel, Dodger is also a regular host on several shows on the Polaris YouTube channel—and so is Yogcast Hannah!

  1. Sqaishey Quack

19-year-old Bethany Bates has been creating Minecraft videos since 2014 as Sqaishey-also known as Sqaishey Duck or Sqaishey Quack-as a chicken in a tuxedo, and has amassed over 655,000 subscribers on YouTube. Sqaishey is also a musician who occasionally writes and performs songs for her videos. She is very engaged with her audience-in one of her most popular series, Feather Adventures, she regularly adds signs inscribed with the names of people she wants to thank. Her boyfriend is fellow YouTube gamer Stampy, who shares her love of Minecraft, and the two do a weekly series together called Super Happy Fun Time.

  1. AshleyMarieeGaming

If you haven’t caught on yet, Minecraft seems to be a game of choice for female YouTube gamers—AshleyMarieeGaming included. Since uploading her first video in 2012, Ashley has garnered more than 639,000 subscribers and 41 million views. She mostly puts out Minecraft related videos—including her Crazy Craft and Minecraft Newlyweds series—as well as vlogs and other Let’s Plays. Ashley has also done some collaborations with another popular gaming channel, TeamCrafted.

  1. OMGitsfirefox

With more than 596,000 subscribers and 42 millions views, OMGitsfirefox (aka Sonja) has really taken off since joining in 2013, mainly due to her Minecraft Mianite videos. She produces daily uploads of Let’s Plays—playing everything from Counter Strike to Rocket League—as well as vlogs and unboxings. Sonja is also a contestant on the upcoming US version of the Legends of Gaming YouTube competition show.

  1. LilyPichu

ESports, and especially League of Legends has been a tough nut to crack when it comes to finding prominent female gamers—but LilyPichu is one of them. Lily has more than 578,000 subscribers and 75 million views, and she is also a Diamond V ranked League of Legends player (which is pretty darn good). Her videos are mostly short LoL highlight videos, but she also posts videos of her impressive piano playing and LoL parody songs that are written and performed by her. Probably the funniest thing about her videos is that she has a very sweet sounding voice, which is only made cuter when she curses and wrecks in her League matches.

  1. KPopp

26-year-old Kelly aka KPopp  makes Let’s Play and commentary videos on a wide range of games, from Life is Strange, GTA V and Fallout 4, to Rise of the Tomb Raider and The Sims 4.  She launched her channel back in 2006 by uploading a video of her skateboarding, then began making Call of Duty and Modern Warfare 2 commentary videos in 2010. Since then she has developed a fan base of over 490,000 subscribers-nicknamed “Popptarts”-and found particular success with her The Sims 3 Hunger Games series. She lives in Plainfield, IL with her boyfriend and two cats.

  1. Yogscast Zoey

British gamer Zoey Proasheck-aka Yoscast Zoey-used to post a lot of Minecraft videos, as well as Let’s Plays of Pokemon, Tomodachi Life and Scribblenauts, but she took a break from her channel and her 451,000+ subscribers for awhile. Since she returned two months ago she’s been focusing more on Let’s Plays of Minecraft: Story Mode and Gary’s Mod. Zoey’s girlfriend Fiona regularly joins her in videos, although she is not a gamer herself.

  1. JayneeWasTaken

If you like League of Legends and laughing a lot, you should watch JayneeWasTaken’s videos. Jaynee has more than 427,000 subscribers and 61 millions on her channel that features mostly League content. Her videos are fun and short and show both the best and the worst of her LoL matches. She usually posts a video a week or so, and sometimes does other content like vlogs or Let’s Play of horror games.

  1. Aureylian

Aureylian is a gamer geek who is best known for her Minecraft video series, Forgecraft. Aurey, or Erin, has more than 345,000 subsribers and 29 million views and her channel is a fun mix of Let’s Plays, unboxings, vlogs, and DIY videos. Aurey is also the Lead Community Manager over at Twitch after having been in charge of Minecraft Partnerships there, as well.

This article was updated shortly after publication to add additional gamers.

Emily Kelley is a writer, cosplayer, crafter, and gamer with over 20 years of PC and console gaming experience. She is the co-founder of the Geekie Award-winning Wrong Button Blog and you may have seen her on Season 1 of “Geeks Who Drink.” You can follow her on Twitter & Instagram.

Emily Kelley is a writer, cosplayer, crafter, and gamer with over 20 years of PC and console gaming experience. She is the co-founder of the Geekie Award-winning Wrong Button Blog and you may have seen her on Season 1 of "Geeks Who Drink." You can follow her on Twitter & Instagram.

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