Women on Video Games: Oct. 21, 2016

Another week, another round of great gaming journalism by women across the internet!


Tina Amini does a deep dive on why it’s so hard to create a video game. [Vice]

Holly Green explains the 5 most significant changes coming to Civilization VI [Paste]

Beth Elderkin elaborates on why the implicit racism portrayed in Mafia 3 is more powerful than the explicit racism portrayed in games like BioShock Infinite [Inverse], while Samantha Blackmon explores how “it is through the women in Mafia III that we learn much about the cultural and racialized history of the American South.” [not your mama’s gamer]

Kat Bailey explains why Red Dead Redemption 2 is almost certainly a prequel [US Gamer], and Jessica Lachenal wonders why there are no women in the game’s teaser art. [The Mary Sue]

In honor of Battlefield 1’s release today, Heather Alexander offers some advice on how to be a better squad leader. [Kotaku]

Cecilia D’Anastasio provides a breakdown of the new Nintendo DX controller. [Kotaku]

Anna Tarkov analyzes who Square Enix is talking to when they market their popular mobile games. [remeshed]

Games like Don’t Starve and Overwatch have taken the place of MMOs for many players, asserts Sophie Weeks. [remeshed]


The PlayStation VR is an “impressive piece of hardware,” according to Leah Jewer. “Every time I put on the headset, I feel like I am jacking into the Matrix”. [GirlsOnGames]

Kat Bailey finds a lot to like about Battlefield 1, which “retains the best parts of the series—the vehicles, the scope, the weightiness of the action—while shaking things up just enough to be interesting.” [US Gamer] Chloi Rad calls Battlefield 1’s campaign “a decent series of adventures” and strongly praises “the exhilarating multiplayer.” [IGN]

Gita Jackson lauds visual novel Rose of Winter for asking the player to fall in love along with the protagonist, and notes its greatest strength is “where it departs from visual novel and romance story tropes.” [Kotaku]

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is PSVR’s best party game, according to Allegra Frank. [Polygon]

Pewdiepie’s new game Tuber Simulator is a bleak look at being a YouTube star, according to Gita Jackson [Kotaku], a sentiment echoed by Jillian who finds it both fun and uncomfortable. [FemHype]

Louise Blaine finds Skylanders Imaginators “a genuine pleasure to explore.” [GamesRadar]

Katie Millard recommends Dragon Quest Builders as “a great game that successfully straddles the line between action RPG and creative freedom” [Rocket Chainsaw], while Sophia Edwards says that while no means perfect, Dragon Quest Builders is “one of 2016’s most interesting games” [High-Def Digest].

Carli Velocci describes offbeat FPS Shadow Warriors 2 as hollow. Or to be specific, “The characters are lifeless, the jokes aren’t funny, the story is worthless, and the levels are repetitive.” [Polygon]

New indie game Beglitched “makes hacking a fun, silly, and magical adventure,” writes Nicole Pacampara. [remeshed]

Tweets to Ponder: The Red Dead Redemption 2 Edition

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