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games done quick

13 of AGDQ’s Finest Women to Watch

Awesome Games Done Quick, the weeklong non-stop speedrunning marathon that raised over $2.2 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation,…

Twitch Introduces AutoMod Tool to Help Fight Chat Toxicity

Twitch chat can be an amazing experience that brings people together, but it can also be a horrible and…

Twitch Chat Study Confirms Female Streamers Often Face Objectification

A group of researchers from the Indiana University Network Science Institute analyzed more than 70 million chat messages posted…
Kathy Astromoff

icon7 Ways for Game Developers to Succeed with Twitch Streamers

In this GDC 2016 session, Twitch’s Kathy Astromoff shares examples of how game developers are incorporating Twitch streamers into…
twitch cheering

Twitch Testing Animated Chat Icons That Cost Money Called Cheering

Twitch, one of the largest video game broadcasting platforms, is introducing a new chat feature called Cheering. A Cheer is…
PAX East

PAX East 2016: “Competition for All” and the State of Women in…

eSports are here to stay, and that was made especially clear at PAX East 2016, where games like League of…
How to Gain Twitch Followers >> Daylightful

How to Gain Twitch Followers >> Daylightful

Daycia aka Daylightful discusses what she’s learned from growing her Twitch channel.

Amazon Launches Free Game Engine

Amazon has released a completely free, meaning no royalties and no subscription fees, AAA 3D game engine called Lumberyard.…

GameTrailers is Shutting Down

GameTrailers, one of the trailblazers of online video game trailers, announced on Twitter that it is shutting down for…
gameblast 16

SpecialEffect Sets £150,000 Goal for GameBlast16 Weekend Event

SpecialEffect, a charity that helps people with physical disabilities enjoy video games, is running a weekend gaming fundraising event called…
twitch plays pokemon

“Twitch Plays” Events Earn Their Own Directory

“Twitch Plays” events are getting their own dedicated directory on Twitch. The popularity of Twitch Plays events are noteworthy–Twitch Plays Pokemon,…
Emily Kelley on Twitch

11 Twitch Tips for Streaming Newbies

I’m sure most of us have watched at least one or two Twitch streams since the platform blew up…
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Twitch and YouTube Streaming Tips >> OMGitsfirefoxx

iconTwitch and YouTube Streaming Tips >> OMGitsfirefoxx

Popular Twitch and YouTube streamer OMGitsfirefoxx talks about how she got into streaming, and answers questions about how to advertise your…
Twitch App PlayStation 4

Hey, the PS4 Twitch App Is Here

First announced during Twitchcon in September, the native app for PlayStation 4 is here. You can download it…
OMGitsfirefoxx on Twitch

Are Female Streamers Ruining Twitch?

I recently attended TwitchCon in San Francisco and was drawn into a conversation with a fellow booth worker about…
WOC streamers on Twitch

5 WOC Streamers to Follow on Twitch streamers are really popular right now, and there are a lot of great ones to follow. But it can be…

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