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The Last of Us Part II – Reveal Trailer

iconEllie and Joel Return in The Last of Us Part II

Sony and Naughty Dog announce the sequel to award-winning action-adventure survival horror game The Last of Us. This time, you…
The Last of Us

7 Movie Adaptations of Video Games I Want to See (Done Well)

The premiere of Blizzard’s (pretty universally panned) Warcraft film and the history of hit-or-miss video game movie adaptations has…
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Body Language & The Male Gaze >> Tropes vs Women in Video Games

iconTropes vs Women in Video Games: Body Language & The Male Gaze

Season 2 Episode 2 of Feminist Frequency‘s Tropes vs. Women in Video Games examines the ways in which character animation–which…
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Recent LGBTQ Visibility in Video Games Focused on Women, Relationships

As the LGBTQ community makes gains in real life, the community is also slowly gaining visibility in game and…
The Last of Us

5 Popular Games that Should Have Local Co-Op

Back in the day, if you wanted to play a game with a friend or relative, you had to…
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Top Girlfriends for Girls in Video Games >> Geek Remix

iconTop Girlfriends for Girls in Video Games >> Geek Remix

A look at six high-profile romanceable women for female characters in games. (Spoilers! And NSFW.)
Life is Strange

5 Excellent Female Friendships in Games

It’s an exciting time for games, as demand for diverse stories become more vocal and commonplace. We’re no longer…
Fallout 4

9 Post-Apocalyptic Games for Fallout Fans

For lovers of post-apocalyptic games, the Nov. 10 release of Fallout 4–the latest game in Bethesda’s beloved RPG action franchise…

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