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Riot and MLB Advanced Media Ink High Dollar eSports Streaming Deal

Riot Games has unveiled a deal with BAMTech, which is a subsidiary of MLB Advanced Media, for the streaming…
overwatch winston

You Can Now Stream Blizzard Games Directly To Facebook

Blizzard Entertainment and Facebook have teamed up to allow gamers to stream Blizzard’s games directly to Facebook. If you…
Emily Kelley on Twitch

11 Twitch Tips for Streaming Newbies

I’m sure most of us have watched at least one or two Twitch streams since the platform blew up…
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Xbox Wireless Adapter

How to Use an Xbox One Wireless Controller With PC

Microsoft is releasing an adapter that will allow you to use your Xbox Wireless Controller with PC or tablets (with USB…
OMGitsfirefoxx on Twitch

Are Female Streamers Ruining Twitch?

I recently attended TwitchCon in San Francisco and was drawn into a conversation with a fellow booth worker about…
league of legends

BBC Three to livestream League of Legends World Championship

For the first time ever, BBC Three will be offering live coverage of the League of Legends World Championships from…
WOC streamers on Twitch

5 WOC Streamers to Follow on Twitch streamers are really popular right now, and there are a lot of great ones to follow. But it can be…
TwitchCon Panel: LGBT (2015)

iconTwitchCon Panel: LGBT (2015)

Panelists including Adam Koebel, SeriouslyClara, Lainzero, Tarfu, Sky Williams, and Dylan Zaner discuss the challenges they face as LGBT streamers, what…
TwitchCon Panel: Managing Your Brand

iconTwitchCon Panel: Managing Your Brand

Five of Twitch’s designers–including OMGElsie–will take you through their collective experience in developing brands, creating overlays, and other assets.
TwitchCon Panel: SpeedRunning on Twitch (2015)

iconTwitchCon Panel: SpeedRunning on Twitch (2015)

Speedrunning is an art that has been around for years. When speedrunners gained the ability to broadcast their runs…the…
TwitchCon panel on women in gaming

iconTwitchCon Panel: Women in Gaming (2015)

Twitch streamers OMGitsfirefoxx, 2MGoverCsquared, Aureylian, DizzyKitten, and HayliNic talk about what they like about streaming, some of the challenges they face,…

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