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iconDark Souls 3, Overwatch, and More Gaming News by Dodger

Dodger discusses the latest news about Overwatch, Easy Allies, Fake NX Controllers, Pokken Tournament, WiiU Sales, and Dark Souls III.

iconTwitch, WoW Movie, Mario Maker and More Gaming News by Dodger

Dodger discusses the latest news about The World of Warcraft movie, PlayStation VR, Mario Maker, Bethesda, Resident Evil musical, and…
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iconStardew Valley Mods, Everquest Next’s Cancellation and More Gaming News by Dodger

Dodger discusses Stardew Valley, the new Hearthstone expansion, Blizzard’s Diablo 2 patch, the cancellations of Rising Thunder and Everquest Next, and…

iconFable Legends Cancelled and More Gaming News >> Press Heart to Continue

Dodger discusses several recent gaming news topics, including the new Path of Exile expansion, the cancellation of Fable Legends, and the demise of…

icon8ish Vague Reasons Why Undertale is Dodger’s Game of the Year

PressHeartToContinue aka Dodger explains why indie game Undertale is her favorite game of 2015.

The 19 Most Subscribed Female YouTube Gamers

When people think of YouTube gamers, most likely the first person that comes to mind in PewDiePie. With more…

iconDodger’s Concerns with YouTube Red

PressHeartToContinue outlines the concerns many content creators have with the new subscription service YouTube Red, and her hopes for its future.

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