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7 of the Best Board Games Based on Video Games

If you love video games, but want to be away from a screen for a while, there are a ton…

7 Movie Adaptations of Video Games I Want to See (Done Well)

The premiere of Blizzard’s (pretty universally panned) Warcraft film and the history of hit-or-miss video game movie adaptations has…
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Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley and the Art of Blending Genres

At the start, Stardew Valley is a game with distinct flavors of Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing. It begins…
Rocket League Portal

Rocket League Crosses Into Portal Territory

Valve and Psyonix have teamed up to bring tons of Portal-themed customizations to the rocket-powered car soccer game. Hey, and…
Adele Character Sketches

8 Great Female Character Designs from a Designer’s POV

Character design is a complicated topic. It’s tied up in gender politics, fantasies, and fashion, and all of those…

5 Memorable Female Video Game Villains

Most narrative-driven games are concerned with the triumph of good over evil. Some of our fondest gaming memories revolve…
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