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Steam Celebrates Halloween With Spooky Sales

Happy Halloween! Instead of trick or treating, you can now celebrate by buying a ton of terrifying video games…

Unity Announces 2016 Award Nominations, Including Firewatch, Oxenfree, Inside

Unity has announced the finalists for their 2016 Unity Awards. There are eleven award categories, including the Golden Cube…

11 Games About Non-Romantic Relationships

It’s been ten minutes since you pressed start. The story hasn’t hit home with you. The battle system hasn’t clicked.…
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Clues, Secrets and Theories About Oxenfree >> Geek Remix

iconClues, Secrets and Theories About Oxenfree >> Geek Remix

An in-depth exploration by Geek Remix of the hidden images, back story, morse code and more in Oxenfree, the supernatural thriller about…

7 Games That Capture The Horror Of Living In The Pacific Northwest

There’s no place quite like the Pacific Northwest. Our grim winters (and falls, and springs) have inspired tons of…

Review: Oxenfree

A group of high school friends are camping out on an abandoned island when things start to get very,…

Oxenfree Gets The Film Treatment, But I’m Not Worried

The creators of dialogue-driven teen thriller Oxenfree have set their sights on expanding the  game into films and more.…
oxenfree collectors edition

Thriller Video Game ‘Oxenfree’ Gets Collector’s Edition, PS4 release

Oxenfree was recently released for Xbox One, Mac, and Windows PC, and it’s already working on a collector’s edition.…
No Man's Sky

11 Promising Indie Games Coming in 2016

It’s just barely January and we already know that the coming 12 months are going to see some pretty exciting game…

Indie Game Spotlight: Oxenfree

In Oxenfree, you play as Alex, a teenage girl who has brought her new stepbrother to an overnight party…

5 Interesting New Games at IndieCade 2015

This weekend marked the seventh IndieCade Festival held in Culver City. IndieCade, the largest event of its kind in…

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