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EA Access Subscribers Get To Try Mass Effect: Andromeda 5 Days Early

Electronic Arts announced that EA Access and Origin Access subscribers will get to try out up to 10 hours…
Mass Effect: Andromeda

iconFinally, New Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay!

EA finally revealed the first gameplay footage of Mass Effect: Andromeda, during a meeting showcasing the new PlayStation 4…
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Fallout: New Vegas

Playing These Video Games May Be Good for Your (Mental) Health

There are certain games that are commonly accepted to be easy and fun ways of implementing self care into…
bioware dragon age

BioWare Will Close Down Its Forums

BioWare, the creators of games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, announced on its blog that they will be…
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Video Game Writers Can Now Join Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of…

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America announced it will start accepting application for video game writers to join…
The Last of Us

7 Movie Adaptations of Video Games I Want to See (Done Well)

The premiere of Blizzard’s (pretty universally panned) Warcraft film and the history of hit-or-miss video game movie adaptations has…
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mass effect new earth california's great america

Mass Effect Theme Park Ride Grand Open Date Announced

The Mass Effect Theme Park Ride, Mass Effect New Earth, will open at California’s Great America theme park on…
Jack in XCOM 2

How to Add Some Mass Effect to Your XCOM 2 Game

Mass Effect is one of the best sci-fi RPGs ever created. XCOM 2 is one of the best tactical…
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Uncharted 3

8 Memorable Gaming Couples

Romance is in the air as another Valentine’s Day nears. You’d be forgiven for thinking that mainstream gaming rarely…
Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is a Different Game When Played as a Woman

Fallout 4 is a story of revenge. After you watch the murder of your spouse and abduction of your infant…
mass effect andromeda

iconN7 Day Gave Us a New Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer

The new Andromeda trailer is voiced by Jennifer Hale, who plays femshep in Mass Effect. I can’t lie, I cried…
Grass Effect

iconPvZ: Garden Warfare 2 Meets Mass Effect in New Trailer

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 has a new trailer that shows off the Z7 mech, inspired by the technology…
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PlayStation Plus November Free Games Announced

Beginning in November, PlayStation is making the following titles available for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers: The Walking Dead:…
Top Girlfriends for Girls in Video Games >> Geek Remix

iconTop Girlfriends for Girls in Video Games >> Geek Remix

A look at six high-profile romanceable women for female characters in games. (Spoilers! And NSFW.)
Matt Rhodes Dragon Age

How Dragon Age Helped Me Come Out

The Sims was the first game I played where I encountered—really the first time I even encountered—the idea that…
Mass Effect ship

[News] Mass Effect Amusement Park Experience Coming in 2016

BioWare is teaming up with Cedar Fair to create a 3D “guest experience” set in the Mass Effect universe. The…
[Commentary] Really, What is the Best Mass Effect?

icon[Commentary] Really, What is the Best Mass Effect?

Which Shepard did you choose? Which ending? Which romance? Which fate for most of the galaxy? There’s no “right”…
[trailer] Mass Effect 3: FemShep Trailer

icon[trailer] Mass Effect 3: FemShep Trailer

The fans have spoken. Experience this new single player trailer for Mass Effect 3 from the eyes of a…

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