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Alix Wilton Regan

Bioware Superstar Alix Wilton Regan on Life As a Voice Actress

Alix Wilton Regan is a British voice over actress probably best known for her work with Bioware, including providing…
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Ashley Williams in Mass Effect

5 Female Video Game Character Designs That Missed The Point

I wrote about female character designs I like a while ago, so I decided to follow up with a…
Uncharted 3

8 Memorable Gaming Couples

Romance is in the air as another Valentine’s Day nears. You’d be forgiven for thinking that mainstream gaming rarely…

7 Games That Capture The Horror Of Living In The Pacific Northwest

There’s no place quite like the Pacific Northwest. Our grim winters (and falls, and springs) have inspired tons of…
Matt Rhodes Dragon Age

How Dragon Age Helped Me Come Out

The Sims was the first game I played where I encountered—really the first time I even encountered—the idea that…

icon[Commentary] Really, What is the Best Mass Effect?

Which Shepard did you choose? Which ending? Which romance? Which fate for most of the galaxy? There’s no “right”…

icon[trailer] Mass Effect 3: FemShep Trailer

The fans have spoken. Experience this new single player trailer for Mass Effect 3 from the eyes of a…

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