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The 9 Questions About Romance and Sexuality in Video Game Development That…

I had the honor of attending the IGDA Romance and Sexuality SIG Roundtable last week at GDC 2016, hosted by…
Tracy Fullerton Receives the 2016 GDCA Ambassador Award

iconTracy Fullerton Receives the 2016 GDCA Ambassador Award

Jenova Chen and Kellee Santiago take the stage to present USC’s Tracy Fullerton with the 2016 GDCA Ambassador Award.…
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GDC Reports More Female Devs & More Interest in VR

Every year before the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC), its organizers survey its attendees to get an idea of the…

Undertale, Cibele, Her Story Among IGF Finalists

The Independent Games Festival judges have announced the roster of finalists for the 18th annual awards. The winners of…
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Jennifer Hepler Will Be Sharing Advice at GDC’s Game Narrative Summit

Jennifer Hepler, lead writer at Disruptor Beam, will be attending GDC’s Game Narrative Summit in March 2016. Hepler is…
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