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Cover Girl: Why It Matters That Overwatch’s Tracer is a Lesbian

With great gameplay and a cast of fun, diverse characters, Overwatch has been a smash hit and a truly…
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Preston in Fallout 4

Flawed Exceptions: Who is “Good” Representation?

When researching for this article about what makes “good” representation in games, I asked survey respondents for characters that…

What is “Good” Representation in Video Games?

Representation matters. Seeing ourselves and others in media shapes our self perception and how we see the world at…

Oculus Announces $10M Diversity Initiative

Oculus announced at their developer convention Oculus Connect 3 that they are devoting $10 million to diversity initiatives. The…

Director of For Honor On Why They Valued Diversity over Historical Accuracy

The creative director of Ubisoft’s For Honor Jason VandenBerghe sat down with Gamespot and talked about the upcoming game that…

Pokémon Go Team Leaders Revealed

Up until this point, Pokémon Go has only ever shown the three team leaders in silhouette in the app.…
Udemy courses

Why Women Aren’t Teaching Game Dev Courses

A quick tour of the most popular eLearning sites brings a curious discovery: there are virtually no women teaching any…
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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Why Nintendo’s Decision to Reject a Zelda Heroine is Especially Disappointing

As a woman who loves games, who spends much of her time writing about them, and who would see…

BAME in Games Organization Launched To Encourage Diversity in Games Industry

A new organization called BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) in Games recently launched in the UK. The group’s…

Create a Sim Mode Is Now Gender Neutral

The Sims 4 just released a free update to their Create a Sim mode that eliminates gender boundaries in…
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Paradox Stands Up For Diversity In Their Game Stellaris

Paradox Interactive, the developers of the galactic strategy game Stellaris, took a firm stand in support of diversity and…

Gen Con’s Industry Insiders List is More Than Half Women

For the first time in Gen Con history, the Industry Insider Featured Presenters list is more than half female.…
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The Complicated Women of Until Dawn

Warning: This article contains some Until Dawn spoilers I played Until Dawn in a marathon leapfrog session at my…

Rust Now Has Female Models And Randomly Assigns Player’s Gender

Rust, a procedurally-generated sandbox survival game developed by Facepunch Studios, added female player models in their newest update. But…
Dorian in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Stop Whitewashing Dorian Pavus

It’s not news that the landscape of gaming is populated primarily by white protagonists. The treatment of characters of…
Barbie Fashion Designer

The Lost History of ’90s PC Games for Girls

For nearly twenty years, a small development company has been producing some of gaming’s most resilient, best loved PC…
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Beamdog CEO Stands Up For Harassed Baldur’s Gate Writer

Beamdog‘s recent expansion Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear has garnered some criticism recently, with some of the most vehement complaints…
Hawke in Dragon Age 2

Hawke: The Case for the Human Disaster

Let’s be honest: it can be difficult being a woman in real life. Women are often judged more harshly…
Women of Uncharted

The Women of Uncharted (and How They Keep Me Playing)

Note: This article contains spoilers for the first two games in the Uncharted series. I’ve been planning on playing…
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Recent LGBTQ Visibility in Video Games Focused on Women, Relationships

As the LGBTQ community makes gains in real life, the community is also slowly gaining visibility in game and…

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