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PAX East

PAX East 2016: “Competition for All” and the State of Women in…

eSports are here to stay, and that was made especially clear at PAX East 2016, where games like League of…
Daycia Harley

Daycia Harley on Competitive Smash Bros Games and Inclusivity at Tournaments

Daycia Harley’s been a competitive Smash Bros player since 2009, and she’s recently been getting more involved in streaming…
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Women in the Super Smash Bros. Community >> Daylightful

iconWomen in the Super Smash Bros. Community >> Daylightful

Daycia Harley aka Daylightful interviews Super Smash Bros competitors Molly, Nyani, Liza, and Raf during Genesis 3, the huge Super Smash Bros…

iconHow Video Game Tournaments Can Be More Inclusive to Women >> Daylightful

Super Smash Bros competitor Daylightful suggests ways eSports tournaments can appeal to different types of players.
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Cloud and Bayonetta Amiibos Coming in 2016

Today’s Nintendo Direct wrapped up by confirming several new amiibo figures. On the list: Cloud (FFVII), Bayonetta, Corrin (Fire Emblem…

Bayonetta and Corrin Coming to Super Smash Bros.

During today’s Nintendo Direct, we learned the identities of the final two characters in this generation of Super Smash…
cloud smash bros

Smash Bros.-Themed Nintendo Direct Coming Next Week

Nintendo Direct is coming back next week! On December 15 at 2 p.m. PST, join director of Super Smash…

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