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Shu Launch Trailer

iconShu Launch Trailer

Join Shu as he has a adventure across the land with the help of hand-drawn characters and their unique…

Why 2D Game Design (Still) Has an Important Role to Play

At a time when even most high-level indies incorporate three-dimensional design into their games, it’s easy to see two-dimensional…
Song of the Deep

iconSong of the Deep Reveal Trailer

In Song of the Deep, the player controls Merryn, a 12-year-old girl who loves her father, a fisherman, even when…

iconSong of the Deep - Reveal Trailer

In an interview on Polygon, Insomniac Games revealed their upcoming game, Song of the Deep. The developer had released…

Skullgirls Developers launch Indiegogo campaign for RPG with female protagonist

Lab Zero Games, which developed Skullgirls, is partnering with 505 Games to attempt make the game Indivisible, a side-scrolling RPG…

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