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5 Scariest Quests In Hogwarts Legacy – [Jump Scares]

Scariest Quests In Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy has its fair share of terrifying features. From dark floating clouds sucking all the happiness from you to undead creatures making it their life’s mission to kill you, the Wizarding World has tonnes of horrifying secrets for your player to uncover. This guide will explore the most horrifying quests available in Hogwarts Legacy. 

Scariest Quests In Hogwarts Legacy 

Now remember, before we get into our list of scariest quests, we’ll have to warn you not to embark on these while you’re playing at night… unless you’re okay with having a nightmare-infested sleep.

Keep your Lumos spell handy and your best spells at hand because you’re about to embark on a terrifying journey you won’t usually experience in the Wizarding World.

#5: In The Shadow Of Time

Of course, this list has to start with one of Sebastian Shallows’ most memorable quests (not for a positive reason). The character has been a hallmark for all quests relating to the Dark Arts, and in his quest, The Shadow Of Time, you’ll be tasked with venturing into the murky Feldcroft Catacombs. 

The quest is full of terrifying Imferi, reanimated corpses, and a puzzle involving moving human remains around to open doors and create bridges (yuck!). Things eventually take a dark turn once you reach the point where Sebastain Shallow tries to defend his sister from an attacking Goblin. He uses the Imperio curse to force the Goblin to take its own life, a scene that both you and his sister are forced to watch. 

#4: Cursed Tomb Treasure

The quest’s name ought to be enough to give you an idea of what’s coming. This quest leads you to an abandoned crypt that is captained by the Necromancer, Ailsa Travers, and her deceased husband. That’s right; the quest involves plenty of undead.

You’ll also find little notes sprinkled across the manor alongside the multiple Inferi trying to kill you. The letters are left by the witch, Photine, basically highlighting her sister’s dark journey toward Necromancy. 

#3: Niamh’s Fitzgerald’s Trial

This quest is as terrifying as it is hard to pronounce. It’ll also be one of the most unique experiences you’ll see in Hogwarts Legacy. Niamh’s Fitzgerald’s trial involves being sucked into a book and stripped of the knowledge of every spell you’ve learned throughout your playthrough of the game. 

All you have at your disposal is a simple Invisibility cloak that you’ll have to use to navigate through the murky pathways, surrounded by hollow figures always on your trail. If you think that was all, wait till you reach the end of the quest, where you have to face the embodiment of death itself.

#2: Absconder Encounter

Hogwarts Legacy has its fair share of spiders, but Absconder Encounter will truly invoke the Ron Weasly inside you. Arachnophobes, beware: the first thing you’ll see is vast volumes of cobwebs blocking your path, giving you a hint of the creepy crawlers you’ll encounter later on in the quest. 

The tiny, chittering arachnids you’ll see walking along the walls will be the least of your worries during the quest as you clear through waves of giant spiders and tarantulas. And once you think you’ve gotten through the worst of it, you’ll be faced by the King Of Spiders, the Acromantula named The Absconder. 

#1: Minding Your Own Business

We haven’t had many Poltergeist appearances in this list, and it’s high time we featured one. The Minding Your Own Business quest revolves around a deviously marketed shop sale that locks our protagonist inside a haunted shop. The shop is haunted by the Poltergeist Fastido, who tries to make our lives a haunted hell by locking us inside his shop.

While you try to navigate your way out of the shop, you’ll be met by floating mannequins, flickering lights, and doors randomly shutting in your face. And the reward you’ll get at the end of it? Ownership over the very shop that traumatized you to the core, how fun!

Wrapping Up

Who knew the Wizarding World would be full of ghastly horrors and unwelcome jumpscares? Well, now that you know which quests to look out for, make sure you don’t make the mistake of completing them in the middle of the night. Take it from us; it’s not fun having Poltergeists and Tarantulas making unwelcome appearances in your dreams.

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A gaming writer by day and a Valorant flamer by night, Arham spends his days meticulously crafting articles to help out the gaming community. Whether it's analyzing the latest trends or diving deep into a game's mechanics, Arham's committed to delivering high-quality guides to anyone who's searching.


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