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Top 8 Best Free Multiplayer Games On Steam – [Summer 2024]

Discover the top 9 best free Steam multiplayer games to play with friends! Find your perfect free Steam co-op game!

Playing games is entertainment, but your gaming experience becomes more memorable when you play it with your friends and family as allies or as a competitor. To achieve this level of entertainment, the game developer companies introduced multiplayer gaming, allowing multiple users to join and play in a single game environment simultaneously.

You must purchase most multiplayer games on Steam as they are sold on big gaming platforms such as Steam, Epic Games, Gog, etc. And purchasing the same game for different accounts mostly becomes out of budget. But thankfully, many companies have multiplayer games that you can download and install for free.

In this article, we will discuss the top 8 best multiplayer games that are 100% free on Steam. Steam is the most popular game platform which keeps track of your gameplay hours along with your achievements in your games. It also guards the games that you have purchased using a valid Steam account. Let’s explore the list of top Steam multiplayer games!

1. Warframe

This multiplayer action game is the highest priority for multiplayer games on Steam to play free online. Warframe is famous not only for its weapons and combat systems but also for the animations used in the game. This stunning game is named after its wireframes, which you can unlock and upgrade over time.

This game allows you to progress along with the heart-touching story. We do not want to give you a spoiler as it might ruin your curiosity. But if you start playing this game, you will get addicted to it. The advanced creatures built for war only are the main challenging element in this game.

The environments and the game assets are so creative and fantastic. And the cyborg-like biological creatures turn this fantasy into a reality when you step into the game. The tree and other foliage are from another planet. Their size and shapes stun you for a moment, and you wonder about the efforts that designers have put in.

To install and run this game, you need a 64-bit Operating System such as Windows 7, 10, or 11. Any processor with SSE 4.2 support, such as an Intel Core i5 750, AMD FX 4100, or Intel Core i7 860, can run this game. It requires 50 GB storage space with at least 4 GB of RAM. Any GPU with DirectX 11 capability is enough. So, if you are looking for free co op games on Steam, then Warframe is one of them.

2. Caliber

For shooting game lovers, Caliber is a one of the team-based free multiplayer games on steam online cooperative game. You can play this game totally for free with your friends and family. This stunning game not only has impressive graphics but also differs from games like CS GO and PUBG, which makes it a prominent game.

We highly recommend you play this multiplayer game if you want a different shooting game. You must be curious about the perspective of this game, and then we have a piece of good news for you: this game also has a third-person perspective. The environments of this game make your gameplay more entertaining and memorable.

This game requires a 64-bit OS with a 64-bit processor. Its memory consumption is a bit higher, so you will need at least 8 GB of RAM and 60 GB of secondary storage. Any graphics card with DirectX 11 capability will run this game smoothly, at least AMD HD 7xxx+ or NVIDIA Geforce GTX 960.

3. Albion Online

Albion Online is an outstanding one of the best open-world multiplayer Steam games you can play for free on Steam. In this game, you have a player-driven economy that hundreds of players run and maintain simultaneously. Resource gath

Engineering and crafting are the main reasons for the popularity of this outstanding game.

This MMO RPG game allows all of your friends to work on the same cause to progress further in the game. You have to fight battles, just like in ancient times, against your enemies with your allies. Farming and other agricultural activities in this game are addictive, which makes the game a whole new world.

Even the players have separate private islands where they can freely do whatever they want. Once you install this game, we bet you will spend hours playing this game with your friends and family. The low poly environment should not be a problem for players with low-end personal computers at all.

Albion requires Windows 10 or 11 as it runs on a 64-bit OS. It also requires a 64-bit  AMD or Intel computer processor with SSE2. Thankfully, it only needs 2 GB of storage space and at least 4 GB of RAM. It does not require a high-end graphics card. Instead, any GPU with DirectX 10 version support will do. So, Albion is also one of the good Steam multiplayer games that you can enjoy with your friends.

4. Undecember

Steam is full of free multiplayer action RPG games, and Undecember is one of them. This game is highly recommended for gamers who love to fight dark, mythical creatures living in a dark and scary environment. The creatures in this game are hybrids of one or more creepy creatures, which makes the gameplay horrifying.

You can upgrade your character just like you want it to be. The animations and the particle systems, especially during the battles, look so amazing in the nightly game scenes. You have to make strategies with your friends to win this game. The best thing about this game is that you can play it on your mobile phone.

To run this game, you only need 20 GB of space available in your storage, with at least 8 GB of RAM installed in your computer system. The recommended processors are AMD FX-6300, Intel Core i5 4430, or higher. Any graphics card with 2 GB VRAM and DirectX version 11 is enough to run this amazing game. If you want to play with your friends, Undecember is one of the best steam co op games for you.

5. Rogue Company

In the shooting games category, Rogue Company is one of the prominent free 4 player steam games available on the platform. This is an amazing action game in which you can team up with your friends to fight against your enemies.  You are assigned objectives in this game to progress along with other missions.

You can choose from plenty of different heroes with unique abilities and weapons. It looks like a Battle-Royale-styled game but has a completely different genre. You are assigned missions as you land in the game, which you must complete cooperatively with your team. Your teamwork helps you progress further.

To install and run this game, you need a 64-bit processor, at least Intel Core i5-2320 or higher. This game requires only 20 GB of storage space. The required RAM is also only 4 GB, but having more memory is always good. The GPU requirements of this game are not too high, but it needs at least 1 GB of VRAM.

6. Dota 2

Valve launched this fabulous RPG multiplayer game in 2013. This role-playing game has fantasy-based characters with eye-catching particle systems and outstanding animations. The environment itself seems to be a world from another planet. On top of that, you have an unforgettable multiplayer gaming experience.

Dota 2 is an RTS-styled game that allows you to have real-time strategies along with the role you are playing. This feature not only makes the game a bit challenging but also keeps its players away from boredom. Managing resources in such a game helps a player manage their real-life scenarios.

Dota 2 requires only 15 GB on your storage device. It is one of the games that can easily run using at least 4 GB of RAM. Any latest GPU will easily run this game but if you have a low-end PC you will need a GPU which supports DirectX version 11. Like all other online games, you need an internet connection.

7. Sherwood Extreme

If you love action and adventure games then this game is the best option for you as it has both genres combined. You can either play this game PVE or PVP. The game uses low poly characters and game objects that allow you to install it on a low-end device. It is one of the best competitive cooperative games.

The developers have added things like a chicken jet pack and slow-motion action animations to make your gaming experience more fun. This is one of the games you can ride horses in. Along with entertainment, you have outstanding graphic quality, especially the glowing lights that make the environment more charming.

Any 64-bit computer with a 64-bit operating system will smoothly run this game if you have other required hardware installed. You can even play this game on a Dual Core 2.0 CPU with a computer with Windows 7 installed on it. This game requires only 1 GB space with 4 GB RAM and a DirectX 11 capable GPU to run.

8. Alien Swarm

As it is obvious from the name, this game allows you and your friends to team up against the swarms of creepy-looking hybrid aliens. Alien Swarm lies in the category of top-down multiplayer online shooting games. You can either play a 4-player or an 8-player cooperative game in this casual game. Due to its multiplayer capability, it is considered one of the best multiplayer Steam games.

Don’t worry! You can also play this game solo. You are assigned different missions which gradually become challenging with your progression in the game. This game keeps you engaged and entertained as it keeps assigning you objectives. The low poly assets allow you to play it on a low-end PC. It also falls under the category of Steam Deck multiplayer games.

This game is made for low-end computers. Hence, even a Pentium 4 will run Alien Swarm smoothly. The memory requirements are also low, so you can run it on a device with at least 2GB RAM. Any DirectX 9 compatible graphics card, even with 128 MB of VRAM, will run this low-end and low-poly 3d multiplayer online game.

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