6 JRPGs to Play after Final Fantasy XV

Because Final Fantasy XV was in development for 10 years, everyone was understandably surprised when it turned out to be pretty good. Taking the Final Fantasy franchise in a different direction, it provided an open-world environment to explore, alongside…
Dance Central

How to Get Fit Through Gaming in 2017

January is a time for cold weather and New Year’s Resolutions. Often, one such resolution is to get fitter and, well, cold weather doesn’t exactly encourage you to go out and do some exercise. Another resolution might be to…

iconHow to Play The Sims 4 (for Beginners)

Received The Sims 4 as a gift over the holidays? Deligracy walks new players through the basics of how to play the popular simulation game The Sims 4.

Five Board Games From 2016 to Play On New Year’s Eve

As many people have lamented, 2016 was a pretty bad year. A dumpster fire of a year, to be exact. But not for board games. There were a ton of great board games published in 2016. Some amazing, innovative,…

icon10 More Things I Wish I knew Before Playing Planet Coaster

Foxy Fern gives you even more tips for Planet Coaster, including where to place your ride exits, how to delete paths quickly, and how to duplicate multiple objects.
Stardew Valley

icon10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Playing Stardew Valley

As the wildly popular indie game Stardew Valley comes to consoles this week, Foxy Fern provides time-saving advice on topics like which seeds to plant first, why to avoid JoJaMart, and why to give high-quality gifts to villagers.

icon5 Mods to Make Skyrim Feel Like a New Game

Clare Siobhan recommends five mods for PC and Xbox One that make Skyrim Special Edition feel like a completely new game.

iconHow to Design a Realistic Roller Coaster in Planet Coaster

Foxy Fern gives a concise overview of how to build realistic coasters in Planet Coaster, including short explanations of vertical and lateral G, the problem with building too many loops or inversions in a row, and the importance of bankable turns.

How to Prepare for Comfort Gaming

You’ve had a rough week. Your boss/client/coworker has been an ass, the world’s a mess, your life’s a mess, and you’re in desperate need of some TLC. But there’s hope! It’s Saturday morning, your calendar is clear and your…
Planet Coaster

icon10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Playing Planet Coaster

Foxy Fern provides a quick overview of tips and shortcuts for the new theme park sim Planet Coaster, from adding custom music to organizing janitors to sculpting terrain around a roller coaster.

iconIs It Worth It? A Comparison of Skyrim Special Edition on PC, Xbox One, and…

Clare Siobhan compares Skyrim Special Edition running on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, and PC with Mods and an ENB on Ultra (enbs are filters that greatly improve the game’s visuals, but with a performance sacrifice; they’re not available on…
Big Pharma

From Creating an Epidemic to Treating Bloaty Head, 5 Games that Making Working in Medicine…

Working in the medical profession rarely sounds like much fun to me. I’ve heard many anecdotes from doctors and nurses over the years, and almost all of them sound stressful and more than a bit grim. Despite such common…
Pokemon GO

Casually Yours: 4 Ways to Spot a Shameless Cash Grab

I like to keep my promises and in my inaugural column I promised I’d address mobile games that are shameless cash grabs. So here we go! One of the most common critiques one hears about mobile games is that…

Secret Hitler and More Great Board Games Where You Lie To Your Friends

Hidden identity board games, which are board games that involve at least one player having a secret identity that is unknown to the rest of the players, are super amazing. They are stressful, fun, and force people to stretch…
Underwater games

7 Highly Rated Underwater Games

The last few years have seen an uptick in PC, console and mobile games that let you explore the ocean, battle sea creatures (or other swimming humans), and test your underwater survival skills. To save you time and money, we’ve sorted through them to…

6 Tips for Surviving Your First Few Hours in No Man’s Sky

For many players of the long-anticipated sci-fi exploration game No Man’s Sky–released on PlayStation 4 today, with the PC release later this week–the first few hours are a little overwhelming. The game’s UI is not very intuitive, and there’s…

Off the Hook: 6 Games with Fun Fishing Minigames

Fishing is considered a relaxing and satisfying hobby for many. As someone who lives on the coast and hates early mornings, it mostly looks cold and muddy. Fishing minigames have me suitably hooked, though. That calming presence easily washes…
Pokemon Go

How to Cope with the Physical Demands of Pokémon Go

The Pokéstop nearest to my apartment is a little bit of a walk, maybe a quarter mile, and it’s located on flat ground after a decline. It’s also on dead-end road, one that is pitch-black at night (prime Pokémon…
Message Boards

Get Your Game Talk On Without the Hassle: Online Communities for Female Gamers

“Don’t read the comments.” It’s widely cited as the cardinal rule of the internet, and for good reason. Internet trolls seem to have some kind of superpower that allows them to turn the most innocuous material into fodder for…
Torchlight 2

7 Video Game Genres Perfect for Noobs

Most often when the question of accessibility is discussed in relation to video games, it’s in the context of making games playable for individuals with disabilities, such as the wonderful work done by charities like AbleGamers. However, as gaming…

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