Nintendo Switch


Everything You Need to Know About the Nintendo Switch, Including Pre-Order Information

Nintendo finally appeased all of us by releasing major details like the price, release date and battery life of their newest console, the Switch. We now know that the Switch will officially be released on March 3, 2017. The initial…

Nintendo Announces “In-Depth” Look at Switch Games

Nintendo will be airing a Treehouse Live segment specifically about Nintendo Switch games. The livestream will be following Nintendo’s Switch Press Conference, and it will begin at 9:30 a.m. EST. Nintendo announced the Treehouse Live livestream via a tweet,…

Nintendo Taking the Switch On a Hands-On Tour In January

Nintendo is taking the Switch on tour starting in January, so that a select group of people and some lucky fans will get some hands-on experience with the company’s newest console. The Switch will be stopping in six North American…
Nintendo Switch

Reactions, Questions, Theories and Speculation About Nintendo Switch

How long will the batteries last? Will it be truly portable, or just “travel-friendly”? Can it compete with the Xbox One and PS4? These questions and many more have been pondered by game journalists and gamers alike over the…

Nintendo NX Revealed as the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo NX has now officially been confirmed as the Nintendo Switch. As had previously been leaked, the system will have both a console and a handheld component, with detachable controllers. Check out the reveal trailer: The trailer reveals that…
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Nintendo’s NX Will Be A Portable Console With Detachable Controllers, Sources Say

Nintendo’s new console, the NX, is reported to be handheld with two detachable controllers, according to Eurogamer, which said they spoke to many sources. When you’re out on the go gaming with the console, it will be a high-powered…

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