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Affordable Space Adventures Postmortem

iconAffordable Space Adventures Postmortem

This GDC Europe 2016 postmortem by Dajana Dimovska of Knapnok Games focuses on the choices and partnerships that enabled a tiny Nordic studio to create the critically acclaimed Wii U title Affordable Space Adventures.
Gillian Smith

Gillian Smith on Making Games with Craft and Code

Gillian Smith never thought she could do art. Now, she does it constantly with the help of an unlikely source: programming. With a background in computer science and currently working as a game design professor at Northeastern University, Smith…
Kathy Astromoff

icon7 Ways for Game Developers to Succeed with Twitch Streamers

In this GDC 2016 session, Twitch’s Kathy Astromoff shares examples of how game developers are incorporating Twitch streamers into their design process, and shows how developers can get streamers interested in playing their next game.
History Shaping Design: Gender Roles In Tabletop Games

iconHistory Shaping Design: Gender Roles In Tabletop Games

From western Chess to Candyland to Mall Madness, this GDC 2016 talk from Untame’s Julia Keren-Detar explores how game mechanics can change who gets to play, and how marketing pressure and seemingly unrelated TV deregulation can restructure a whole…
Alix Wilton Regan

Bioware Superstar Alix Wilton Regan on Life As a Voice Actress

Alix Wilton Regan is a British voice over actress probably best known for her work with Bioware, including providing the voice of the Female Inquisitor in Dragon Age Inquisition and that of Specialist Samantha Traynor in Mass Effect 3.…

Unity and Open Gaming Alliance Launch Professional Speakers Bureau for Women in Games

The Open Gaming Alliance in partnership with Unity Technologies have launched a professional speakers bureau for women in games, entertainment, VR/AR and technology called WISER. WISER (Women in Software and Entertainment Representation) is a collective of women professionals in…

The Future Sounds Bright for Magicbrew Founder Rebecca Parnell

Rebecca Parnell is a BAFTA award-winning sound designer whose work in video games includes sound design and voice services for iOS game Rival Kingdoms, as well as Theme Park World (1999). In 2009, after starting at the legendary Pinewood…
Dialogue Systems in Double Fine Games

iconDialog Systems in Double Fine Games

In this 2015 GDC session Anna Kipnis, senior gameplay programmer at Double Fine, gives a broad overview of how dialog gets into a Double Fine game, from the moment a line is written to hearing and seeing the line…
Laurence Bouvard

Voice-Over Actor Laurence Bouvard on Letting Passion Push Your Career

Laurence Bouvard is one accomplished lady. She holds a BA in Linguistics from Harvard, studied acting at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and holds a Master’s in Computer Science. However, she’s probably best known by gamers…
Xandra van Wijk

Xandra van Wijk on Building a Career in Game Design

Xandra van Wijk didn’t set out to be a games designer. That makes her current role at King Games all the more impressive. A senior game designer for the developer, she was lead designer on Farm Heroes Super Saga–the…
Paloma Dawkins

Paloma Dawkins Is Helping Keep Games Weird

Paloma Dawkins is a relative newcomer to the world of game development, but her dreamy visuals and unique approach to game design make her one of the most exciting voices in games right now. Coming from the world of…
Udemy courses

Why Women Aren’t Teaching Game Dev Courses

A quick tour of the most popular eLearning sites brings a curious discovery: there are virtually no women teaching any of the hundreds of game development or game design courses online (collectively referred to as “game dev courses” for this article).…
Jill Murray

Jill Murray on Forging Your Own Path as a Game Writer

Jill Murray is an award winning writer, novelist and playwright, probably best known for her work on the Assassin’s Creed franchise. In 2013 she won the Writer’s Guild of America award for Outstanding Video Game Writing for Assassin’s Creed…
Lyst summit venue

Women of Blush Box Games Headed to Sex and Romance Games Summit in Norway

In even our most beloved games, romance is at best the side-dish to entrees of war, revenge, and domination. Dragon Age and Mass Effect have made valiant attempts. We’ve all sent our Sims to the marriage bed to WooHoo.…
Jane Ng on Making the World of Firewatch

iconJane Ng on Making the World of Firewatch

In this 2016 GDC talk, Campo Santo’s Jane Ng breaks down the art production challenges encountered when making Firewatch, and explains the methodology behind the team’s scene management, asset modeling and world streaming. The talk also goes into some details…
Olga Kachalina

iconDesigning UX in World of Tanks Blitz

In this GDC Europe 2015 talk, Wargaming’s Olga Kachalina shares the challenges of bringing real time action games from PC and consoles to touch screens without compromising or dumbing down the user experience, and explains best practices for prototyping,…
Renee Gittins

Of Potions and Unicorns: An Interview with Stumbling Cat CEO Renee Gittins

While there are a number of different trajectories that could lead someone to being CEO of an independent studio, the most likely path is preceded by several years in AAA game development, or at the very least, several years…
Victoria Prentice

Victoria Prentice on How to Build a Career in Sound Design for Video Games

It’s probably fair to say that some jobs in game development are perceived as more prestigious, more desireable, or more ‘sexy,’ than others, but the fact is that there is a whole world of possibilities for game development careers…
Lori Cole’s History of Adventure Games

Lori Cole’s History of Adventure Games

Designer Lori Cole presents a short retrospective on 30 years of Adventure Games at GDC 2016’s Flash Backward session. Cole is an award-winning creative director, game designer, and writer in the video game industry. Her critically acclaimed games include…
Nananea's Orcs Must Die! 2 skin

From Let’s Player to Video Game Marketer: Nananea on Her Career and Orcs Must Die!

Nananea began making Let’s Play videos on YouTube several years ago, and eventually landed a job making marketing content for video games. In our interview, she explains her career trajectory, gives advice on how to build a career in video game…

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