Sarah Rodriguez

Sarah Rodriguez
Sarah Rodriguez is the author of Marvel's Agent Carter: Season One Declassified and the co-host of Woman Up! Podcast. Catch up with her on Twitter @SarahTheRebel, or on Twitch at
The Division

Is The Division Our Destiny?

Tom Clancy’s The Division just had its first open beta, and is already being referred to as “The Destiny Killer” among some factions…
Ethnicity in Game Development

How Does Ethnicity Influence Game Design?

“My ethnicity affects every aspect of my life, the same as it does for everyone. How I view the world, how I communicate,…
9 Game Dev Tips

9 Tips for Aspiring Game Developers

So you want to make video games. Awesome! Although the path isn’t easy, it’s worth taking. Like any other career, there are highs…
7 WOC game developers

7 More Women of Color Game Developers You Should Know

Recently we published a list of 8 Women of Color Game Developers You Should Know to highlight the rich diversity of women making games,…
WOC Devs to Know

8 Women of Color Game Developers You Should Know

While writing “5 Female Game Developers We’re Thankful For,” I came across an interesting realization. The first draft of my article was filled…

Gifts For Mini-Gamers

While there are a few lists out there with gaming recommendations for kids, it can be a little trickier discovering which games to…

Tips for Thrifty Gamers

Let’s face it: as much as we love gaming, it can be a truly pricey hobby. As a gamer, you might spend $60…
5 Female Devs Thankful For

5 Female Developers We’re Thankful For

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I decided to take some time to reflect on what I am thankful for this year. And, like…
6 Must-Try Indies

6 Must-Try Indies Coming to PS4

Once the sole property of PC gamers, indie games have quickly become more mainstream, helping current-gen consoles boost their available games and introducing…
Rise of the Tomb Raider

What Can Tomb Raider Fans Look Forward to In the Sequel?

For some, reboots are a touchy subject. On the one hand, they can give new life to a dying franchise. On the other,…

5 Interesting New Games at IndieCade 2015

This weekend marked the seventh IndieCade Festival held in Culver City. IndieCade, the largest event of its kind in the U.S., seeks to…
Fallout 4

9 Post-Apocalyptic Games for Fallout Fans

For lovers of post-apocalyptic games, the Nov. 10 release of Fallout 4–the latest game in Bethesda’s beloved RPG action franchise set in a retro-future…
OMGitsfirefoxx on Twitch

Are Female Streamers Ruining Twitch?

I recently attended TwitchCon in San Francisco and was drawn into a conversation with a fellow booth worker about women on Twitch. We…
Destiny character

The Surprising Truth About Destiny

With the release of The Taken King expansion, the Bungie team behind Destiny show off, yet again, that they understand diversity in gaming.…
Dragon Age DLC

The Definitive Ranking of Dragon Age DLC

(warning: minor spoilers for all Dragon Age games) With the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Trespasser DLC, BioWare not only paid tribute to…

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