Rocio Salas

Rocio Salas
Rocio is an aspiring creative person, who spends her free days reading, playing board games, and practicing Quidditch. She thrives off of RPGs, salty food, and petting animals.
Dragon Age Inquisition

The 9 Questions About Romance and Sexuality in Video Game Development That…

I had the honor of attending the IGDA Romance and Sexuality SIG Roundtable last week at GDC 2016, hosted by Karin Weekes, Michelle Clough,…
Pokemon map

7 Important Non-Essentials That I Need in the Seventh Generation of Pokemon

A flock of Beedrill must have infiltrated recent gaming news with all the buzz about Pokémon Sun and Moon. The hint of a new…
The Walking Dead: Michonne

Suspense, Solidarity and Choice: How Episodic Games Have Changed Gaming

From marathoning my favorite shows to mentally sprinting through a newly acquired novel, a lot of my life involves getting as much content…

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