Cora Walker

Cora Walker
Cora Walker is a Seattle area editor, writer, MFA student, and canon bisexual. She is currently tormenting her neighbors as she learns to play the violin.

It’s Okay to Like Playing Male Characters in Video Games

I’ve been playing a lot of Overwatch. That’s not a shocker: not only is it a ridiculously fun game, it also feels like…

How Overwatch’s Gameplay Breaks (or Complicates) Its Narrative

Let’s start this off on the right foot: Blizzard’s lore—even when it’s bad—is kind of really great. I came to Overwatch after spending…
Assassin's Creed movie

Assassin’s Creed and the Problem With Movie Adaptations of Video Games

I’m going to say something I think we’re all aware of—video game movies haven’t had their Marvel Cinematic Universe yet. We’ve yet to…
Gear VR headset

VR Needs to Solve Its Motion Sickness Problem

During a recent trip to visit family in Vermont, I was fortunate enough to be able to try Gear VR—a highly-portable Oculus product…
Resident Evil 7

Is Resident Evil 7 a Resident Evil Game?

Like many longtime Resident Evil fans, I was excited to see Capcom’s E3 announcement last week that a seventh game in the franchise is…
Avengers Academy

Why Marvel’s Avengers Academy Should Include LGBTQ Dating Options

LGBTQ people currently experience unprecedented visibility, and that visibility (whether overt or covert) is sneaking into the games industry. If you search “LGBTQ…
Nadia in Rise of the Tomb Raider

Nadia: Rise of the Tomb Raider DLC’s Surprise MVP

Author’s note: This article contains spoilers for Tomb Raider (2013) and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Old-school Lara Croft often seemed to exist…
Hawke in Dragon Age 2

Hawke: The Case for the Human Disaster

Let’s be honest: it can be difficult being a woman in real life. Women are often judged more harshly for any perceived fault,…
Women of Uncharted

The Women of Uncharted (and How They Keep Me Playing)

Note: This article contains spoilers for the first two games in the Uncharted series. I’ve been planning on playing the Uncharted series for…

Recent LGBTQ Visibility in Video Games Focused on Women, Relationships

As the LGBTQ community makes gains in real life, the community is also slowly gaining visibility in game and digital spaces. Sometimes, it…
League of Legends

How to Enjoy League of Legends (Despite Its Sometimes Toxic Community)

I’ll be honest, I stayed away from League of Legends for a long time because of the things I’d heard about the community.…
Jacob Frye in Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Is Jacob Frye Gay or Bisexual?

**Feb. 8, 2016 Update** Following some confusion regarding an Ubisoft Germany employee’s response to a fan question about Jacob’s sexuality, the official Assassin’s…

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